South Africa bodyboarding: plenty of reasons to shine

For the first time in South African body boarding history, a dedicated SABA event will be run on the west coast of South Africa.

Last September Boland Body boarding Association (BBA) hosted the annual South African body boarding Championships in and round the Lamberts Bay area. The event attracted a lot of interest with the local community and businesses and the contest benefited from the support of some huge sponsorship support, in fact ,the sponsors were so happy with what they saw they were knocking on the door to get another big event in the area, Thanks to Kumba Iron Ore and REEF SA we are proud to invite you to the first SABA West Coast Classic.

The West Coast is known for some of the best and heaviest body boarding waves around with tons of “slab” type reef breaks and hollow beach breaks so satisfy any type of body boarder. This time of year is best for the area due to the cold fronts that hit Cape Town not really affecting the west coast but the swell still reaches the breaks with the winds often light and perfect. We will once again explore the spots Famous Last Words, Farmer Burger’s and Bones for the best breaks during the contest.

The Event will have some of the biggest prize money and prizes sponsored by Kumba Iron Ore and REEF SA and will be one of the richest events thus far. A huge thanks goes out to these sponsors. Together with you we can grow the sport and promote health and wellness as far as possible. Dates for the contest will be the 7th, 8th and 9th August 2010, a long weekend so to give us 3 possible days to run the contest. Coke has given us the use of the Big Fun truck with sponsored beverages which will be at any of the venues we surf. Those of you that were at SA Champs last year know how beneficial this truck was so we are very lucky to have it once again.
A development contest will be run in Lamberts bay for the local children in the area on the Friday afternoon. Kumba Iron Ore, REEF SA and OK SENTRA has kindly sponsored prizes for this development event.

Once again Eureka Accommodation is kindly running a special for us at R100 per person per night. You need to book as it is over a long weekend. Go to
and speak to Edith or Tel : +27 027 432-1211 Fax : +27 027 432-2627 or Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This accommodation is on the beach, so get calling!

Please follow to get an online entry form for the event

Contest briefing will be on the Friday evening. Location to be announced.

SOURCE: Boland Bodyboarding