Old Bar Beach: respect the Marshall

SA come Newcastle local Marshall Watson won the Old Bar Bodyboarding festival in sloppy 3 footers yesterday. Jake Lightenburg, Jesse Galloway and Mitchell Oats made up the 4 man final.

Marshall Watson stamped his authority allover the opposition at Old Bar when he took no prisoners in the open divisionof the Festival Bodyboarding contest on Sunday.

Watson has long been a talented rider onthe IBAA Rebel Sport Pro Tour and used all of his competition savvy to clinchthe first prize.

“ I am stoked” said Marshall.

“ Conditions were tricky out there todaybut I played the waiting game and it payed off”

“ I needed a good win like this to get myconfidence up. The event is perfectly positioned in the middle of the festivaland I am sure that the event will grow next year into something special”

Second place went to Jake Lightenburg withJesse Galloway third and Mitch Oats forth.

In the juniors local rider Luke Van Lowikcleaned up the opposition by winning not only the U/18’s but also taking outthe Best performance of the event with a perfect 10 point ride in thefinal. Second place went toLindsay Jackson, Ben Commins was third and forth was Luke Bonnello.

Finally the cadets was won convincingly byBlake Robinson with Pearson Tully, Zac Cheney and Rasta King making up theminor placing.

Terry McKenna, general manager of the IBAworld tour, was at the event and was impressed with the venue.

“It’s a perfect setup to expand the event”said Terry.

“With some financial support from thegovernment this contest could join the IBA Australasian Rebel Sport Pro Tourand become a big success”

The event was made possible by the supportof the Fab Art, Grand Flavour, RAW, Rebel Sport, Beachies Kiosk, Laurders RealEstate and Dunes.

SOURCE: IBA Australasia