Pierre-Louis Costes: his backflips are lethal | Photo: Tabone/APB

Pierre-Louis Costes has been crowned the 2015 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) champion.

The French rider secured a runner-up finish in the last event of the season held in Mohammedia, Morocco. Costes placed ahead of Anas Haddar and, therefore, confirmed the overall title by a very narrow margin.

The Moroccans have shown an incredible resilience throughout the year. Brahim Iddouch won the ultimate showdown in his home turf and proved he has a bright future as a World Tour competitor. Costes won his fourth consecutive trophy.

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ISA World Bodyboard Championship: tough battles set for Iquique | Photo: ISA

Amaury Lavernhe and Pierre Louis Costes have confirmed their presence in the 2015 ISA World Bodyboard Championship, in Iquique, in the north of Chile.

The former world champions will join a long list of riders competing for medals in five divisions: Open Men, Open Women, Junior Under-18 Boys, Junior Under-18 Girls, and Open Dropknee.

The event returns to Iquique for the second consecutive year, and it will run from December 3rd-16th. The first ever ISA World Bodyboard Championship took place in 1988.

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Mike Stewart: no signs of fatigue at 52 | Photo: Mike Cerrone

Mike Stewart will always be Mike Stewart. The nine-time world bodyboarding kept true to himself and won the Millers' Surf Big Island Challenge, in Honoli'i, Hawaii.

The Big Island has always been underrated when it comes to wave riding competitions. However, the river mouth spot near Hilo proved to be the ideal venue, with clean, glassy waves breaking in the six-foot range.

The third event on the 2015 Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Pro Tour had an in-form Mike Stewart surfing against the young guns. The 52-year-old bodyboarder surfed like a kid in a candy store.

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