Mike Stewart: a bodysurfing master | Photo: McKenna/TRVL Surf

Mike Stewart is one of the most complete watermen on Earth. What many don't know is that the bodyboarding legend is a prolific bodysurfer, too.

Bodysurfing is the art of riding waves with the human body. Mike Stewart says, "it's probably the original form of wave riding." No boards, no leashes, no gear. It's just you and Nature.

"A lot of times in life, things get so complicated. There's so many aspects; there's more and more things. It's a constant information overload with everything. To me when you go bodysurfing, it's a way of simplifying everything," reveals Stewart.

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Jared Houston: he might be the first South African world bodyboarding champion since Andre Botha in 1999 | Photo: Jimenez/APB

Jared Houston, Amaury Lavernhe, or Pierre-Louis Costes? One of them will be crown the world's best bodyboarder in 2015.

And it all goes down to Puerto Rico. The last event on the APB Tour will define the season's champion. The Encanto Pro Cultura runs from November 4th-15th, at the popular break of Middles in the town of Isabela.

Jared Houston is best positioned to take the world bodyboarding title to the African continent. The last South African to win the trophy was Andre Botha, in 1996. Sixteen years later, with two event victories, Houston only needs an average result, and to finish equal or better than Amaury.

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Joana Schenker: the 2015 European Tour of Bodyboard champion | Photo: Joana Sousa

Joana Schenker is the grand winner of the 2015 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETP).

After conquering the Miss Sumol Cup (Ilhavo) and the La Salie Pro Bodyboarding Festival (France), the Portuguese managed to reach the semifinals at the Madeira Bodyboard Girls Experience, held in Fajã D'Areia.

A third place finish in Madeira confirmed the back-to-back European bodyboarding title. Schenker, 28, is a bodyboarder from Sagres, in Algarve. She is a multiple-time national champion.

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