Natasha Sagardia: she delivers her soul to the waves

Natasha Sagardia has announced her retirement from professional bodyboarding.

Sagardia was born in 1986, in Argentina. She won multiple national, Latin American and Pan-American bodyboarding titles. In 2008, the rider conquered the prestigious ISA World Surfing Games for Puerto Rico.

Natasha graduated in Iberoamerican Studies at the University of Puerto Rico, and she has always participated in public master classes, conferences, and bodyboarding clinics, to help promote the sport.

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Brian Stoehr: ready to conquer North America | Photo: FSB

The Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour has officially been opened to fans.

From now on, world bodyboarding fans will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite riders, as they perform the most radical tricks and maneuvers. Do you know it works?

The world's best bodyboarders will upload their best videos recorded over a one-month period. All clips will be available online so that fans cast their votes on their favorite footage. The rider with the most votes wins the competition.

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Ben Player: injured at Riley's | Photo: Shark Island Challenge

Ben Player has been severely injured while surfing the iconic left-hander of Riley's, in Ireland.

The three-time world bodyboarding champion suffered a ruptured spleen and consequent internal bleeding and had to be airlifted by the Irish Coast Guard.

Player was getting his share of waves with pro surfer Jamie Mitchell when the accident took place. The part of the coast where the Australian got injured is of difficult access.

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