Eder Luciano: gold medallist in Iquique | Photo: Jimenez/ISA

Brazil has conquered the 2015 ISA World Bodyboard Championship, in Iquique, Chile.

The South American team was led by Eder Luciano, winner of the Open Men division. His gold medal was decisive to keep the Brazilians in the first place when the competition came to a close.

"I have no words to explain what I am feeling now. It's my third ISA world title, and I am really happy. I trained hard this year, and this has been my best result," expressed Luciano.

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Andre Botha and Evan Geiselman: actions that save lives

Evan Geiselman suffered a three-wave hold down at Pipeline and was rescued unconscious from the water by Andre Botha and the North Shore lifeguards.

Geiselman, 22, was free surfing a big day Pipe. In his last ride, he wiped out inside the barrel and didn't surface. South African bodyboarder Andre Botha spotted Evan and kept him above the water.

A few moments later, the lifeguards swam to the athletes and brought Geiselman to shore. He was immediately assisted and taken to the hospital. The two-time world bodyboarding champion was praised for saving Evan's life.

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From All Angles: Nick Nairn-Smith gets pitted at Shipstern Bluff

Bodyboarders versus surfers. The oldest (and most interesting) rivalry in the history of wave sports can sometimes deliver proficuous results. "From All Angles" is a magnificent example of how siblings can push each other's limits.

Nick Nairn-Smith is an enthusiastic bodyboarder and videographer. He has been capturing notorious performances from more of less famous wave riders. This time, he brings us a stunning clip, mixing prone and stand-up hellmen.

"It features huge 8-to-15-foot Shipstern Bluff with some incredible bodyboarding and stand-up surfing (both tow and paddle pits). I think showing surfers and bodyboarders charging together is epic," Nairn-Smith told SurferToday.com.

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