Bodyboarding: injuries come and go | Photo: Surfing Australia/Woolacott

Have you ever suffered a serious injury and wondered if you'd be bodyboarding again? Don't panic. Learn how to overcome physical problems and get back to water quickly.

Sergio Machado, a Portuguese bodyboarder, started riding waves when he was a young kid. At 21, he injured his shoulder and underwent surgery.

"I understood that the problem was that I had a lack of specific training to complement the impact of bodyboarding in my body," explains Sergio.


Jeff Hubbard: a sweet return to the podium | Photo: Aubuchon Imagery

Jeff Hubbard has conquered the Sandy Beach Challenge 2014, on Oahu's South Shore, Hawaii.

The third stage of the Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Pro Tour pumped clean two-to-four foot waves in one of the most famous Hawaiian bodyboarding spots. The shallow sharp reef delivered both lefts and rights and over $10,000 in cash.

Last-minute heroics earn Jeff Hubbard a victory in the Pro Men's division against Brazilian legend Guilherme Tamega. The wave ramps allowed for crazy acrobatic stunts and high-performance maneuvers.


Sandy Beach Challenge: eyeing Pipeline | Photo: IBA Hawaii

The third and penultimate event of the Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Pro Tour 2014 will be run between 6th-7th September, at Sandy Beach, on Oahu's South Shore.

Sandy Beach is famous for its bodysurfing, bodyboarding and surfing waves. It has long been a community hotspot and getting a front row parking lot spot is nearly impossible.

The Sandy Beach Challenge 2014 will deliver highly precious points for a seed into the Pipeline Pro 2015 competition, as well as points for the Hawaiian State title.