Jeff Hubbard: a sweet return to the podium | Photo: Aubuchon Imagery

Jeff Hubbard has conquered the Sandy Beach Challenge 2014, on Oahu's South Shore, Hawaii.

The third stage of the Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Pro Tour pumped clean two-to-four foot waves in one of the most famous Hawaiian bodyboarding spots. The shallow sharp reef delivered both lefts and rights and over $10,000 in cash.

Last-minute heroics earn Jeff Hubbard a victory in the Pro Men's division against Brazilian legend Guilherme Tamega. The wave ramps allowed for crazy acrobatic stunts and high-performance maneuvers.


Sandy Beach Challenge: eyeing Pipeline | Photo: IBA Hawaii

The third and penultimate event of the Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Pro Tour 2014 will be run between 6th-7th September, at Sandy Beach, on Oahu's South Shore.

Sandy Beach is famous for its bodysurfing, bodyboarding and surfing waves. It has long been a community hotspot and getting a front row parking lot spot is nearly impossible.

The Sandy Beach Challenge 2014 will deliver highly precious points for a seed into the Pipeline Pro 2015 competition, as well as points for the Hawaiian State title.


Luz Marie Grande: a bodyboarding star in Latin America | Photo: Ardiel Jimenez

"Luz in Latin America" is a documentary film focused on one of the most important names in female bodyboarding.

In Latin America, Luz Marie Grande is a star. Not only because of her qualities as a bodyboarder, but also for her social work with disadvantaged children in Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru.

After three years in the making, "Luz in Latin America" promises to reveal her whole life story, but also the origins of bodyboarding and the future of the sport in the region.