2015 Sintra Portugal Pro: punchy waves | Photo: Sintra Portugal Pro

Tricky conditions greeted bodyboarders for the early rounds of the 2015 Sintra Portugal Pro, at Praia Grande.

It was a wave riding marathon of nine hours. All divisions - Men, Women and Drop-Knee - paddled out in challenging swells, strong side-shore winds and shifting peaks.

The Portuguese armada did well. Manuel Centeno, Hugo Pinheiro, Gonçalo Pinheiro, Portuguese-German Nicolas Rosner, and Daniel Fonseca were some of the local riders who advanced into the next rounds.

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Ali Khushruwan: tasty win at the Maldives Open 2015 | Photo: Fadhuoo Images

Ali Khushruwan claimed the Bodyboarding division at the Maldives Open 2015, held in exciting four-to-five-foot surf at Lohis Point.

The local bodyboarder, who finished last year's event in the runner-up position, managed to beat Maldivian Ali Javed and Gavin Botha, winner of the 2014 contest.

"Last year, I was the runner-up, so this feels unbelievable to be the winner this year. I've been training hard, and the waves being bigger this year helped me I think," underlined Khushruwan.

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Bodyboard Center: Pride's new flagship store | Photo: Pride

Pride has announced the opening of its Bodyboard Center, in Anglet, in the southwest of France.

Bodyboard shops are rare these days. The innovative 110-square-meter space will feature a retail and concept store with a broad range of prone riding boards from multiple brands such as Pride, NMD, Versus, Stealth, and Found.

"Anglet is the place where I started bodyboarding 25 years ago. For me, it's personal because I grew up and created the brand in Anglet," explains Imanol Arrizabalaga, founder of Pride.

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