Bodyboards: blending design, performance, and hydrodynamics ever since | Photo: Graham Hellewell

Bodyboards are complex creatures. Blending design, performance, and hydrodynamics is not an easy job. So, what makes a truly remarkable bodyboard?

Choosing the right bodyboard requires time and patience. First of all, it's important take an inside look at the most common core types and materials. You can shape a bodyboard using beaded cores, extruded foam, extruded polyethylene, polypropylene and arcel.

But there are more variables in the bodyboard equation. It is relevant to know the rider's weight/height ratio and experience. As a general rule of thumb, a correct bodyboard for your body is usually the one that levels your belly button. Understanding if you're riding a bodyboard in warm/tropical or in cold waters is not negligible at all.

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Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour: riders surf, fans vote | Photo: IBA/De Leon

The Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour 2015 is on. The new world bodyboarding competition is debuting a new format, in which pro riders are judged by the fans.

Until February 15th, a group of 20 European bodyboarders will perform their best tricks in the best waves. Wearing an orange arm band, they'll try to put together a one-minute clip showcasing their ultimate highlights.

When all clips are published, bodyboarding fans from all over the world will be able to vote and decide who pulled out the most impressive video.

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Bodyboarding: fans will judge riders | Photo: Fronton King

Former IBA World Tour commentator and bodyboarding entrepreneur Manny Vargas has joined the newly-founded Free Surf World Tour, alongside multiple world-class riders.

The Free Surf World Tour (FSWT), founded by Liam O'Toole, is ready to go. Manny Vargas is in the boat, and the first event will run in Europe with the likes of Amaury Lavernhe, Pierre-Louis Costes, Diego Cabrera, Alex Uranga, and many more.

The new bodyboarding circuit will not compete directly with the APB World Tour. The whole format puts fans in the judging tower by allowing them to cast their opinion on who they think is the best free surfer on the planet.

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