Aletsch Glacier: no waves, great channels | Photo: David Carlier

Claude-Alain Gailland and Gilles Janin had other plans for their gliding gear. Instead of riding waves, they decided to slide down the Aletsch Glacier.

Meet Europe's largest glacier. Located in Valais, Switzerland, the Aletsch Glacier is a result of the accumulation and compaction of snow for thousands of years.

Despite the cold and the icy valleys, Claude-Alain Gailland and Gilles Janin decided to explore the beauty of Nature on their hydrospeed bodyboards, thick wetsuits, and helmets.

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Jacob Romero: sinister | Photo: Sacha Specker

A total of 45 bodyboarders have been shortlisted for the American leg of the 2015 Free Surf Bodyboarding (FSB) World Tour.

Jeff Hubbard, Dave Hubbard, Tanner McDaniel, Iain Campbell, Jacob Romero, Kainoa McGee, Jared Houston, Mike Stewart, and Baby Quiñones are some of the names in the shortlist.

Bodyboarders of the American continent will kick off their ocean adventures on the 10th of February, 2015. Just like in Europe, fans will be able to select the riders they want to see competing in the event.

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Bodyboards: blending design, performance, and hydrodynamics ever since | Photo: Graham Hellewell

Bodyboards are complex creatures. Blending design, performance, and hydrodynamics is not an easy job. So, what makes a truly remarkable bodyboard?

Choosing the right bodyboard requires time and patience. First of all, it's important take an inside look at the most common core types and materials. You can shape a bodyboard using beaded cores, extruded foam, extruded polyethylene, polypropylene and arcel.

But there are more variables in the bodyboard equation. It is relevant to know the rider's weight/height ratio and experience. As a general rule of thumb, a correct bodyboard for your body is usually the one that levels your belly button. Understanding if you're riding a bodyboard in warm/tropical or in cold waters is not negligible at all.

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