Los Cabos: a shorebreak heaven

The iconic bodyboarding messiah Manny Vargas is putting out the Cabo Freak Fest 2014, at Los Cabos, in Mexico.

Have you ever dreamed of exchanging waves with world bodyboarding champions in a surf paradise? Manny V will make that dream come true, in Cabo San Lucas.

Jeff and David Hubbard will be riding La Bocana and Lovers' Shorebreak with those willing to pay $749 to enjoy five days in Baja California.


Slip and Slide: bodyboards are weapons of mass entertainment

When waves aren't pumping, you can't beat the entertainment factor provided by fast slip-and-slide bodyboarding rides. We've found the most creative downhill slope masters.

Bodyboard bottoms are the perfect gliding surface for these alternative prone riding stunts. The smooth and slick skins will add speed to the experience. But watch out, don't go too fast down the lane.

Slip-and-slide bodyboarders have tried almost everything, anywhere. In Australia, a team of intrepid riders traveled to a drainage canal, climbed over a barbed wire fence and rode the steep concrete slope. Illegal and fun.


PRS and Skintec: Nomad's R&D at work

Nomad has announced the introduction of two technological innovations in their 2014/2015 range of bodyboards.

The Australian brand will add a precision recoil stringer (PRS) to the new line of Supreme bodyboards, to be launched on July 1st.

The PRS is a tapered carbon fibre stringer, with a thicker, wider diameter in the tail to keep it stiff, that becomes narrower and more flexible as it gets closer to the nose of the board.