Lewy Finnegan: charging at Nilda Point | Photo: Jimenez/APB

Lewy Finnegan and Alexandra Rinder have conquered the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival 2015, at Nilda Point, in Chile.

The Australian bodyboarder defeated former 2008 world champion Uri Valadao in the final, held in solid six-to-eight foot set waves breaking in a shallow reef. Finnegan had recently won the Australian-Indian stage of the inaugural FSB World Tour.

Lewy was able to land some spectacular moves throughout the contest and he continued to perform above sea level by dropping an 8.67 and an 7.67 in the opening exchanges. Uri was left hunting high scored for the remainder of the final.

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Lewy Finnegan: crazy rides | Photo: Chris Gurney

Lewy Finnegan has beat all his opponents to claim the Australian-Indian stage of the 2015 Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour.

The cheeky young gun from Western Australia delivered an incredible one-minute highlight reel of massive barrels and super technical aerial maneuvers, including an eight-foot high backflip.

Finnegan has been chasing big waves around the coastline of Australia, as well as competing on the 2015 APB World Bodyboarding Tour. His skills were perfectly captured by his talented filming team Tom Jennings and Stricko.

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Dave Winchester: champagne shower

Dave Winchester has conquered the Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2015, in Forster, New South Wales, Australia.

The late Jeff Wilcox is smiling. The level of riding hasn't stopped increasing since the first event held 15 years ago. Today, the competition attracts the stars of Australian bodyboarding, as well as the talented groms of the future.

The Open Men's final had John Cruikshank, Dave Winchester, Sam Bennett and Shayden Schrader fighting for the coveted title. The young Schrader opened the heat with an 8.70, but Bennett quickly answered with reverse roll. However, Winchester had other plans and made sure the trophy was going his way. Again.

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