2014 Itacoatiara Pro: this wave is amazing | Photo: Tony Dandrea/APB World Tour

The Itacoatiara Pro 2014 kicked off with powerful 6-8 foot (2-to-2.5 meter) waves.

Six months later, the APB World Tour 2014 is in the water. Round 1 was full of Brazilians eager to show off their skills in the agitated surf. As competition moved to Round 2, Lucas Faria scored the highest wave score of the day: a 9-point wave.

In Round 3, experience paid off. Wildcard Dudu Pedra used his local knowledge to advance in second place behind Israel Salas. Salas scored an 8.75 and 7.50 for 16.25 points, the highest heat total of the event so far.


The 8: attacking the shorebreak

"The 8" is the second bodyboarding movie from Will Hodgett.

For two years, Will Hodgett captured the beauty of bodyboarding in his video camera. He traveled with the world's best riders to the most amazing beach breaks and wedges. Now, he's ready to show us his game.

A cube has eight vertices, "The 8" features eight personalities who have changed the sport of bodyboarding, in recent times. They represent different styles, random generations and a few nationalities.


Itacoatiara: Karla Costa Taylor teaching men how to ride it

The Itacoatiara Pro 2014 is ready to roll between 23rd July and 3rd August, in the Brazilian town of Niteroi.

Welcome to one of the best bodyboarding beach breaks in Brazil. This wave is not for everyone. The fast, steep and hollow wedge resembles an aquatic roller coaster. Mistakes are punished with tough wipeouts.

Six months after the APB Pipe Challenge 2014 won by Ben Player, the world circuit returns to the waters of the southern hemisphere. Itacoatiara is a box of surprises. You can get waves ranging from three to fifteen feet, in a matter of hours.