IBA World Tour: the world bodyboarding circuit based on the previous season's results

The top 24 bodyboarders of the 2014 Grand Slam Series IBA World Tour has been announced.

The world bodyboarding circuit which crowns champions based on the previous season's results, has confirmed the names in the upcoming 2014 IBA World Tour.

"Of special note is the continued success of long term tour professionals Mike Stewart and Guilherme Tamega, again securing a place in the Top 24", the IBA statement refers.


Miguel Macias: he went bananas with the victory

Miguel Macias has been crowned the Fronton King 2013, in Galdar, Canary Islands.

The Spanish wave riding community has taught a lesson: never give up. The IBA circus may be out for a while, but a large group of volunteers have put up an incredible show of high performance bodyboarding.

Up to 80 riders from all continents participated in the Fronton King 2013, an event with a prize money of $4000. The truth is that everyone wanted to climb up the podium.


Sumol Nazaré Special Edition: tasting the power of Praia do Norte

The 2014 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition will hit Praia do Norte, Portugal, between January 3rd-30th.

The 6th edition of the big wave bodyboarding contest will gather the 24 best planetary chargers, in the iconic spot of Praia do Norte, home to the biggest waves in the world.

With a 27-day waiting period, the 2014 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition promises to crown a new champion in the local ocean canyon.