Sumol Nazaré Special Edition: tasting the power of Praia do Norte

The 2014 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition will hit Praia do Norte, Portugal, between January 3rd-30th.

The 6th edition of the big wave bodyboarding contest will gather the 24 best planetary chargers, in the iconic spot of Praia do Norte, home to the biggest waves in the world.

With a 27-day waiting period, the 2014 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition promises to crown a new champion in the local ocean canyon.


Bodyboarding: improve your technique with training

Improve your bodyboarding skills with a collection of techniques, tips and advice given by a professional bodyboard. Remember, it's never to late to learn, and to get from good to great.

The devil is in the detail. Everything counts when you're riding a wave, in prone or drop-knee mode. Body and board will interact with the water wall, resulting in an unique result.

There are two important stages for bodyboarders. Getting from a beginner stage (where you can hardly complete an entire ride) to the intermediate level (where you can read a wave and complete a roll or 360).


QCD Skintec: skin technology

The QCD Skintec is a limited edition of 60 bodyboards released with a new skin technology developed for high performance riding.

The Australian bodyboard company believes that their new technology allows pressure absorption and energy dispersion, during each wave ride.

"The Skintec layer is thermo-fused to the core, creating increased strength, drive, and recoil over the boards entire surface area while allowing the board to flex more evenly from nose to tail and rail to rail", says Todd Quiqley, QCD owner and head shaper.