QCD Skintec: skin technology

The QCD Skintec is a limited edition of 60 bodyboards released with a new skin technology developed for high performance riding.

The Australian bodyboard company believes that their new technology allows pressure absorption and energy dispersion, during each wave ride.

"The Skintec layer is thermo-fused to the core, creating increased strength, drive, and recoil over the boards entire surface area while allowing the board to flex more evenly from nose to tail and rail to rail", says Todd Quiqley, QCD owner and head shaper.


Bodyboard clinic: Ryan Hardy teaches how to ride the sands

Ryan Hardy and Hayden "Da Boogie Man" Bunting have participated in a bodyboarding coaching clinic, at Bulls Paddock, Forster, Australia.

Hardy and Bunting have put over 15 youth, from the Great Lakes, New South Wales, in four different surf conditions, from pumping 3-4ft bowls and heavy wedging shories, to small inconsistent waves and a sloppy wind swell.

"Forster has a rich history of successful bodyboarders and from what Hayden and I saw, things are looking bright for the FTBA club", says Ryan Hardy.


IBA World Tour: bodyboarding is not dead

A group of notable bodyboarders have interviewed Mike Stewart. The IBA World Tour issue was in the center of the conversation held at BBRmag.com.

The business model defined by the International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) Pty is not sustainable, and there have been communication problems between the steering committee and administrators.

Mike Stewart says that "the idea was to build up the events to the point that they would attract major corporate sponsorship and then the investors would reap rewards of that sponsorship". Unfortunately, it didn't work out.