Andre Botha: from Durban with a beard | Photo: Vince Cavataio

The Cave Rock Invitational 2014 will be surfed in the best possible conditions between July 14th and August 14th, in South Africa.

It is probably the only bodyboarding in the world where sponsors are not invited to participate. The Cave Rock Invitational will gather 16 riders to showcase their talent in the KwaZulu-Natal waves.

If you're still not convinced, do know that two-time world champion Andre Botha and Tristan Roberts will be out in the line-up. For many, the Cave Rock Invitational is the best bodyboarding event South Africa has had in years.


Joe Bourke: he took it all

Joe Bourke claimed the 2014 NSW Bodyboard State Titles, at Crowdy Gap Beach, Australia.

The best bodyboarders in New South Wales were forced to move from Crowdy Head to Crowdy Gap Beach because of the wild five-to-six foot waves.

After the first round of competition at Jones Beach, Kiama, riders gave all they had to secure spots in the upcoming Australian Surf Festival.


West Beach Warfare 2014: the best of South African bodyboarding

Stephen Du Preez landed a huge backflip to steal the second consecutive West Beach Warfare 2014, in Port Alfred, South Africa.

The Pro division got underway in consistent three-to-four foot waves. The final saw Iain Campbell and Stephen Du Preez competing for the highest place in the podium.

The decisive final began with offshore winds and radical tricks from both riders. Du Preez opened his heat with an excellent barrel into a roll on the end section, while Campbell showed a smooth roll-to-air reverse.