IBA World Tour: bodyboarding is not dead

A group of notable bodyboarders have interviewed Mike Stewart. The IBA World Tour issue was in the center of the conversation held at BBRmag.com.

The business model defined by the International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) Pty is not sustainable, and there have been communication problems between the steering committee and administrators.

Mike Stewart says that "the idea was to build up the events to the point that they would attract major corporate sponsorship and then the investors would reap rewards of that sponsorship". Unfortunately, it didn't work out.


Pierre Louis-Costes: king of European bodyboarding

Pierre Louis-Costes has been crowned the 2013 European Tour of Bodyboard champion, for the second consecutive time.

The French bodyboarder sealed the deal in the last event of the season, the Morocco Bodyboard Pro 2013, held at Medhia Beach.

"Stoked to become 2013 European champion. It was a difficult day due to small conditions and ferocious competitors but, in the end, things worked out well and by finishing second in Morocco, I was able to secure the second European title of my career", says Costes.


Campbell's Beach: sharks are rare

Zac Young, a 19-year-old bodyboarder, has lost his life in a shark attack, at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia.

Young was enjoying waves with his friends at Campbell's Beach, when a bull shark bit his legs. They were catching waves at a spot named "The Well", 200 meters off Riecks Point.

The bodyboarder fought the shark and had to be taken to the beach by his friends. Although he was treated by the medical team, Zac Young wouldn't survive the loss of blood.