Wave Catcher: pocket power

A new bodyboard design promises a revolution in the art of catching waves.

Simon Moore, inventor and designer from Blackburn, United Kingdom, believes he has developed an innovative bodyboard that will help you catch waves easier.

"I had been working on an underwater parachute braking system designed to help slow down ships and yachts, in storms. This helped form the basis of my new invention", explains Moore on his Wave Catcher plea, at Kickstarter.


Damian Prisk: rotating

Damian Prisk is the new Auto-Sleepers Tour 2012/2013 British Bodyboard Club champion.

With the Tour ultimately curtailed from six down to the minimum three scoring events, each one took on added significance and the riders that made the extra effort to prioritise the tour ultimately reaped the benefits.

Retaining his title from 2011, Damian Prisk stormed to victory in 2012/2013, after wins at both Portreath and Porthtowan, and a forth place finish at Tolcarne.


Vert: one of the oldest bodyboarding publications in the world

Vert Magazine, one of the oldest bodyboarding publications in the world, will no longer hit the shelves of the surf shops.

It all started in November 1994, when three Portuguese friends decided to create their own bodyboard magazine. The rest is history. Vert has inspired many bodyboarders, and introduced young generations to the sport.

The news of a "Farewell Issue" is sending waves of shock, not only through the Portuguese bodyboarding community, but also in a wider planetary spectrum. Is the current state of pro bodyboarding destroying waters sports media?