Alex Odriozola: runner-up and winner of the best move | Photo: Eduardo Suárez

Alex Sebastian has emerged victorious in the Andrín Bodyboard Challenge 2014, held near Llanes, Spain.

The event had two entirely different stories. In the first day, waves were small and challenging; the second and final day brought vertical ramps and superb riding conditions.

The Spanish contest held in the Asturias region delivered performances at a very high level. Bodyboarders rapidly started pulling enormous backflips, vertical take-offs, quick barrels, inverted airs and giant El Rollos.

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Wax on bodyboards: get a grip on hands and elbows | Photo: Creative Commons/Municipalidad Antofagasta

Sticking wax on a bodyboard has its secrets and details. A perfect wax job will ensure you never lose grip while pulling aggressive aerial roll spins, wave face 360s and inverts.

Wax has a functional role in bodyboards. For example, the majority of pro riders avoid applying wax in the board's chest/stomach area because it will hold your body movement too much.

Not that it is a complete mistake to get a grip in the section, but it may actually stop you from sliding up and down, and shifting your weight around the board. Remember that you don't necessarily need to wax your bodyboard every time you paddle out.

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Maxime Castillo: stealing Coupe De France 2014 | Photo: Antoine Justes

Laury Grenier and Maxime Castillo have taken out the 2014 French National Bodyboarding Championships and the French Cup, respectively, in Hossegor and Anglet.

Grenier was able to defend his 2013 French Open title against one of the best bodyboarders in the world: Pierre-Louis Costes.

"The level was huge this year. There were superb conditions, and we were really able to express ourselves. I am very happy to retain my title," said Grenier.

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