Struck by a dolphin: a bodyboarder in pain | Photo: Glenn Ellard/Milton Ulladulla Times

An Australian bodyboarder has collided with a dolphin while surfing at Bawley Point, in New South Wales.

The 27-year old wave rider was struck on the chest when he was duck diving a wave. The strong impact tore his wetsuit and caused him lower abdominal injuries.

The medical team arrived quickly, and the bodyboarder was later airlifted to the St George Hospital.


Jeff Hubbard: making a statement for bodyboarding at Wavegarden

Who said artificial waves are only made for surfers? Find out what did the three-time world bodyboarding champion Jeff Hubbard think of the Wavegarden.

No Jeff, it's not a mirage. What you're actually seeing is the world's first ever surf pool by Wavegarden. So leave the croissant aside and go check if those waves out there are also made for bodyboarders.

The surf engineers are ready. Jeff Hubbards has put on his short wetsuit and waxed up his brand new signature bodyboard. Ready, set, ride.


Dave Winchester: hear what the coach has to tell you

Dave Winchester is the new bodyboarding coaching director of Surfing New South Wales.

The professional bodyboarder born in Paddington, New South Wales, will be sharing his coaching tips and development clinics with the wave riding community.

"David is a class act and a great role model for all people who participate in the bodyboarding discipline," says Mark Windon, CEO at Surfing NSW.