Nick Gornall: a 720 air reverse in tow-out mode

Nick Gornall landed a near-perfect 720 air reverse, in tow-out mode.

Is it the first ever 720 air reverse, or is it a perfect 540? The controversy has taken over the bodyboarding community. Nick Gornall says he pulled it. What's your opinion?

Some say that tow-outs don't count, some say it is technically a 540 landed backwards. The truth is that the move is quite impressive, even if pulled with the helping hand of Bryce Thurston's jet ski.

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Mar da Calha: it could be Portugal's longest wave | Photo: Hugo Silva/Red Bull

There's a legendary hidden wave just half a mile off the shore of Lisbon, in Portugal. A few knew about it, but only a couple surfed it. The documentary "Mar da Calha" will unveil all its beauty.

Hugo Pinheiro is one of Portugal's best bodyboarders. He was born in Costa de Caparica, Lisbon's southern surfing destination. He won five European titles, but in the last years he dedicated his time to surf exploration.

Pinheiro has been eyeing a unique surf spot located less than one kilometer off the coastline, and breaking right next to the Bugio Lighthouse, an offshore platform located in the Tejo river mouth.

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Tom Morey: bodyboard inventor, musician and composer | Video Still: Matt Wybenga

Tom Morey is the inventor and father of bodyboarding. And he's much more than that. Did you know how good he is at singing and playing the ukulele?

The name says it all. Tom Morey, the pioneer of bodyboarding. The man who changed the lives of millions of wave riding enthusiasts; the man who shaped the world's first bodyboard.

Tom Morey is a legend. The Detroit-born surf shaper, musician, surfer, engineer, and modern inventor has shown why he has influenced a global community of wave addicts. But what about the "Boogie Song"? How did that tune come to life?

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