Maxime Castillo: fast and talented

Maxime Castillo has released a documentary on his bodyboarding winter season at Pipeline, on the Oahu's North Shore.

Perfect classic Pipe barrels. What else could a French wave rider ask for? While the weather and wave conditions were ugly back in the land of croissants, the Hawaiian jewel was pumping glassy tubes.

Castillo traveled with his friends from the Ocean Roots, a surf club headquartered at Arcachon, in the southwest France. They've witnessed Ben Player's grand victory at the Pipe Pro 2014, and got inspired to improve their performance.


Mystics: heaven can wait

Lachlan Cramsie or Joe Clarke? The final stage of the ABA Pro Tour will crown the 2014 Australian bodyboarding champion, at Mystics, on the South Coast of New South Wales.

With the best three results in four events counting for the overall rankings, frontrunners Lachlan Cramsie and Joe Clarke are ready for the clash of the titans.

"I've followed the Aussie tour for years and to win the overall title would be awesome. I'm hoping that Mystics fires up and delivers. It's such a consistent wave, and the chances are it will be pumping," says Clarke.


Los Cabos: a shorebreak heaven

The iconic bodyboarding messiah Manny Vargas is putting out the Cabo Freak Fest 2014, at Los Cabos, in Mexico.

Have you ever dreamed of exchanging waves with world bodyboarding champions in a surf paradise? Manny V will make that dream come true, in Cabo San Lucas.

Jeff and David Hubbard will be riding La Bocana and Lovers' Shorebreak with those willing to pay $749 to enjoy five days in Baja California.