Mike Stewart: ready to roll at 51

Mike Stewart is a living legend. But that doesn't mean he isn't playing at the highest level. At 51, the Hawaiian waterman is still contributing to the evolution of professional bodyboarding.

Stewart is in shape. The way he positions himself on a bodyboard says it all. Lean, fast and competitive after nine world titles and multiple event victories.

"Mike Stewart: Mini Documentary", a short film by Kainoa Mattos, shows us the best bodyboarder of all time getting barreled at Pipeline, as if he was having a morning coffee.


Joe Clarke: he won't shave despite having won

Joe Clarke has stolen the highest place in the podium at the 2014 RAW Knights Beach Pro, held in clean and punchy three-to-four feet waves (1.5 meters) at Port Elliott, South Australia.

Joe made his intentions clear from the moment the final got underway by boosting into an 8.67. He then used his explosive and polished attack to notch up a 9.07 for a high speed flip in the final, to claim victory at the 2014 RAW Knights Beach Pro.

"I'm so happy to have got this win, it's been a while” laughed Joe. The waves were pretty sick out here today and I managed to find two good waves that allowed me to lock in decent scores at the start. I'm so stoked," says Joe Clarke.


Sixth Sense: love the 90s colors

"Sixth Sense", a 1998 bodyboarding movie filmed by Scott Aichner in Hawaii, is now available for online view.

Back in 1998, internet access was still spreading throughout the world, and DVD was replacing VHS as the dominant home video format. Bodyboarding movies were rare, too.

In those days, "old school" meant "new school". When it was released, "Sixth Sense" was definitely not a worldwide success, despite the 16mm footage and innovative film angles.