APB Pipe Challenge 2014: Backdoor opportunity

Jeff Hubbard, Ben Player, Amaury Lavernhe, Mike Stewart, Pierre Louis Costes, and the highest seeded riders are ready for their first heats of the APB Pipe Challenge 2014.

The second day of competition at Banzai Pipeline was held in 5-7 foot surf. Trialists and low-seeded bodyboarders had their chance to shine in the Hawaiian arena.

In Round 5, while the tide filled in, wildcards entered the contest and all competitors started pulling their trumps. Botha continued to put on a show posting the second highest score of the day in the opening heat.


Jamie O'Brien: a bodyboarding expert

Jamie O'Brien, the multifaceted wave rider from Oahu, will compete at the APB Pipe Challenge 2014.

Make no mistake. Yes, it's him. The 2004 Pipe Masters champions will be competing in the most important event of the professional bodyboarding.

O'Brien, who has already got barreled with two surfboards, is seeded in Heat 5, Round 1 of the APBPipe Challenge 2014 against Hirotoshi Takehashi, Pedro Machado and Steve Rogers.


Pipeline: welcoming pro bodyboarders since 1982

The strangest professional bodyboarding season of all time kicks off on the 14th February, 2014, in Pipeline, Hawaii.

Tension can't be hidden. The first waves of 2014 will be ridden in a completely new format. Born from the ashes of an institution named International Bodyboarding Association (IBA), a new circuit has emerged to save the honor of professional prone riding.

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) didn't have time to breathe. In less than two months, the organization led by Mike Stewart and friends managed to put up the APB Pipe Challenge 2014.