Sixth Sense: love the 90s colors

"Sixth Sense", a 1998 bodyboarding movie filmed by Scott Aichner in Hawaii, is now available for online view.

Back in 1998, internet access was still spreading throughout the world, and DVD was replacing VHS as the dominant home video format. Bodyboarding movies were rare, too.

In those days, "old school" meant "new school". When it was released, "Sixth Sense" was definitely not a worldwide success, despite the 16mm footage and innovative film angles.


2014 NSW Bodyboard State Titles: long walls ahead

Joe Bourke triumphed in the first event of the 2014 NSW Bodyboard State Titles, held in clean and improved three-to-four foot conditions, at Jones Beach, Kiama.

After scoring a late entry into the Open Men division and seeing his brother Darcy Bourke take out the Junior Men final, Joe Bourke proceeded to tear apart his competition to claim victory.

The bodyboarder was able to perform a chain of aerial antics to net himself a 14.13 heat total to win the contest. Event standout Liam Gray put up a valiant effort, but ultimately had to settle for the runner-up spot with a heat total of 12.47 points.


Tristan Roberts: massive backflip maker

Tristan Roberts has won the Kumba West Coast Classic 2014, in clean three-foot waves, at Famous Last Words, in South Africa.

The Pro Men's final saw Iain Campbell coming up against Roberts. Tristan pulled a smooth backflip and roll to start out the heat. Iain came back with a big backflip on a left, and then Tristan answered with a huge backflip on the next wave.

Iain managed to pull two clean air reverses, as well as a nice barrel to roll. Tristan then got a barrel to air reverse on the right, and another big clean invert. The crowd on the beach went crazy with South Africa's two best riders.