Cold Feet: one of many wolf bodyboarders

Cold Feet: It can mean so many things. Is it having second thoughts on making a firm decision? Is it the feeling that creeps into your bones during the colder months of the year? Like most expressions – you can always take it at face value.

For this trip, for us – it means all of the above and more. It starts out as just a title, a Google Tag to attract the public to what we are trying to express. It continues on to explore the deepest thoughts and inner feelings that each and every one of us is bound to experience whilst taking part in this 10 day adventure across the rugged Victorian Coastline.

This is not the first time some of us have made this trip, however we still feel strange being in such different surroundings. For those that are making the voyage for the first time – the endorphins are about to be released. With some aid from family and friends – we as a whole are about to embark on what will hopefully be an adventure that will open the window of opportunities for others like us.

We are not professionals – nor are we attempting to be. The five of us all do share however, the same passion – to ride waves. We are also blessed with hidden talents that combined have formed the purpose of this documentary. With cameras & keyboards packed firmly alongside our selection of boards, we hope to portray to you, your friends and your family that you don't have to be at en elite level of this sport to take advantage of what is on offer in terms of good waves and good times.

Across the next few weeks, we ask you to engulf yourself in the adventures that we encounter as we head over 2000km south of our origins. To step outside our comfort zone and experience situations that may come across as a little challenging as well as down right hilarious… all in the name of scoring some good waves.

Auto-Sleepers British Bodyboard Tour: the end is nigh

The countdown to the culmination of the Auto-Sleepers British Bodyboard Tour is well underway, with the final event on the 4 competition tour (the British Nationals) looming large on the horizon.

The Auto-Sleepers Nationals are scheduled for the 2-3 October at Porthtowan and feature the usual wealth of divisional competitions, with opportunities to compete from under 14 right through to the over 35s.

Rich Hall said: “The 2010 Auto-Sleepers Tour has been a fantastic success so far, 3 different events in varying conditions have given us 3 different winners. The result at the Overhead Wedge comp has blown the tour wide open, and left as many as a dozen riders still in contention for the title”.

The ASG tour has attracted nearly 60 different competitors representing all of the home nations and drawn web coverage across the globe; being featured on sites as far afield as New Zealand, South Africa and Chile.

With a £3,000 prize pot the British Nationals are still reputed to be the most rewarding National Championships in Europe, and attract a diverse spectrum of sponsors.

Alongside main event sponsors Auto-Sleepers, sit local businesses like the Beach Hotel, Blue Bar and Beach Café right in Porthtowan. With them are Brit bodyboard names like Rob Barbers Bodyboard School and ThreeSixty; through to internationally renowned brands such as NMD, Alder, Churchill and Found Boards.

External interest is still strong, with Collection House and CW Harwood maintaining their support for the sport.

The full divisional line-ups are: Open, Womens and Drop-Knee; under 14, under 16, under 18, over 28, and over 35.

Alex Winkworth: maintaining a serious posture even while bodyboarding

The British Bodyboard Club’s Overhead Wedge Air has without doubt been the highlight of the tour so far. After a frustrating summer of fickle conditions and postponed events, at the fourth time of asking, competitors were finally treated to near perfect Tolcarne Wedge giving them an opportunity to boost the big aerial manoeuvres the wave is famous for.

The first day of the competition saw the first round of heats completed and despite a couple of close calls, there were no losses of the top seeded riders. The following day the conditions looked to be excellent once again with the added bonus of some September sunshine. Every quarter final heat was loaded with talent which produced some outstanding surfing.

Porthtowan’s Cheech Fleck came within inches or landing a monster Air Reverse, the judges had “10s” ready for that one had he stuck it.

The semi finals saw the first unexpected exits with current tour number one Remi Geffroy and number two Jack Johns struggling to find the high scoring rides needed to make what was set to be an epic final.

After a short wait for the high spring tide to drop back the waves started doing their thing. The final four hit the water where Porthtowan hot shot Alex Winkworth opened his account with a sweet down the line invert which gave him a healthy score to build on. An in form Joe Franklin who practically lives at the Wedge was chasing Winkworth hard and found some solid waves but never quite enough for him to boost his trademark back flips.

British bodyboarding stalwarts Rob Barber and Damian Prisk’s solid but safe surfing weren’t enough to threaten the more adventurous duo. Winkworth found a second high scoring ride and looked to have it in the bag but an in interference call blew the competition open for anyone to win in the last five minutes.

However, no one else could find the score needed to steal the crown and Alex took the title and the cool £150 along with 500 invaluable points towards the ASG tour.

The result sets up an exciting finale at the British Nationals which will be held in October at Porthtowan. The Grand Slam event has 1,000 tour points on offer so it’s still anyone’s to win.

Final positions:

1st Alex Winkworth
2nd Joe Franklin
3rd Damian Prisk
4th Rob Barber