2011 USBA Science Hawaii Regional Tour: Makapu'u dreams

The 2011 USBA Science Hawaii Regional Tour has kicked off at Makapu'u, in the extreme Eastern end of the Island of Oʻahu, in the Hawaiian Islands. Makapu'u means "bulging eye" in the Hawaiian language. With splendid panoramic views, this is also a great surf spot for bodyboarders and surfers. The contest was held in 2-4 foot waves.

In the Open division, action pumped the site with the top seeds JB Hillen, Trevor Kam, Matt Holzmann, Ryan Celle, Kahekile Labatte, Rylelle Colle and Jesse Walsh. The final consisted of Jesse Walsh, Trevor Kam, Matt Holzman and Kahekile Labatte. All the riders surfed extremely well but it was Oahu's own Trevor Kam who won the event taking his first ever win at Makapu'u.

In the 13-to-18 old division, Shawbaz Soaia, from the Big Island, stepped his game up with big backflips and a polished routine that got him to the finals. Also, Shayden Wolf, Kawika Rorh and a slue of Makapu'u locals showed skills beyond their age.

Joining Shawbaz in the finals was Sandy Beach local Keanu Casemeiro, Matt Holzman and Kawika Roth. All surfed extremely well, however it was Matt Holzman that stood out from the rest with an amazing air roll spin (ARS) to roll in the semis and a big backflip in the final for the two highest scores of the event.

Guilherme Tâmega: victory when the bell rings

Broken boards, blood and emotions were flowing down the wave lines of The Box Pro, in Margaret River, Australia, as the contest reaches the quarter finals.

Guilherme Tâmega was one of the standouts of day, after eliminating Mitch Rawlins in the last seconds of the heat. Rawlins was not fortunate, but that's bodyboarding life. Next time, he'll be luckier.

"I was just waiting for the heat to be over," said Tamega. "This little wave came to me and I thought, ‘Oh, I might as well catch this one’. It formed on the inside and gave me the biggest ramp ever and I thought, ‘Whoa!’ I just went for it and it worked, I didn’t think the judges would give it me though, I heard the score and it was just too good to be true."

Damien King, former two-time world bodyboarding champion, has hit the reef. The result is blood. "It (the wave) came through in the first five or 10 seconds of the heat and I could see it was hitting wide, but I thought it could be a good one so I thought ‘I’ll go for it’," explained King.

Ryan Hardy: mind the ceiling

Amaury Lavernhe, Ben Player and Ryan Hardy were the only bodyboarders that have sealed consecutive heat wins in the first days of action in The Box Pro 2011, in Margaret River.

Gas Bay was the perfect backup by producing wedgy, high performance waves in the two-metre range. Lavernhe’s two heat totals of 11.75 and 13.50 were enough to earn the Frenchman 12 points and a place at the top of the leader board, the 25 year-old defeating the likes of Eder Luciano, Spencer Skipper and Manuel Centeno.

"I have been coming here on the tour for four years now, cruising here every year because I really love this place, it’s a really nice place for me to focus on my riding in right handers because back home in Reunion, we have so many left-handers. But in that time I haven’t surfed Gas much in conditions like today," said Lavernhe.

"Gas is a very good wave because it is a combination between a reef and a beach break. It’s pretty powerful when it hits the reef and you always get a nice section. The wave changes a lot you can have some good combinations, you can get some good hits on the first section and do a good move, then another in the beach break, but the beach break is a bit tricky", he continued.

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