San Strachan: a pro with 16 years old

It is hard to believe Sam Strachan is only 16 years of age.

There has been plenty of talk coming out Cronulla (one of bodyboarding’s toughest proving grounds) about Sam Strachan for what seems like years, and at the age of 15 Sam already had a Hawaiian season under his belt.

More recently Sam beat a field of the best aspiring stars in the sport to win his place in the Shark Island Challenge. Sam has a level head on his shoulders and the talent to do anything in the sport.

Turbo Surf Designs is proud to announce Sam as the 5th member of the Turbo 5 Professional team.

He will be working closely with Turbo Development Manager, Andrew Lester and travelling with the Turbo professional team to take his career to the next level.

Ben Player: there's nothing better than training in Hawaii

The Australian bodyboarder Ben Player has unveiled a film of his training sessions in Hawaii, during the 2010 season.

The world champion was caught on tape by Jaden Dickey, a 20-year-old videographer from the Sunshine coast.

Player is currently sitting in the 9th place of the 2010 IBA World Tour.

You can check his 2010 Hawaiian bodyboarding sessions.

Salvador da Bahia: there's more than waves...

The city of Salvador, in Bahia, Brazil has confirmed its second edition of the Bahia Bodyboarding Show. The competition will be an IBA International event taking place from September 21st to 25th.

The event will distribute US$35.000 in total. US$20.000 for men and US$15.000 for women and 1000 points for both divisions on the 2010 world tour.

This is the second competition that takes place in Brazil this year and one of the last opportunities for those competitors that still need a good result on the international events.

2009 Champion: Guilherme Tâmega - Brazil

"We were working once again on a men Grand Slam event but unfortunately some private sponsors jumped out on the last minute and we almost lost the entire competition. Our major priority was to maintain the competition for another year. " said Flávio Brito

2009 Champion: Eunate Aguirre - Spain

The competition will end on Saturday (25th) because a huge party is being organized promising to stop the city of Salvador.

Competition Information:

Name: Bahia Bodyboarding Show 2010
Date: September 21st to 25th
Venue: Armação Beach, Salvador, Bahia
Prize Money: $35.000 / $20.000 for men and $15.000 for women
2009 Champions: Eunate Aguirre - Spain / Guilherme Tâmega - Brazil