Jake Stone: commitment is everything

Australian bodyboarder Jake Stone has conquered the 2010 Deeply Surfusiom, in Ferrol, Spain.

In the last leg of the European tour, Stone defeated Yeray Matinez with a stand out bodyboarding performance.

“I can’t believe that”, said Stone. “I never gave up, I just said no way am I going to be beaten. I’m so stoked”.

The Drop Knee final was a classic matchup of two Australian prone riders that just also happen to be very proficient on the knee: Dave Winchester and Damian King.

Winny opened up with an 8 and took an early lead and hammered it home with a few 6’s & 7’s that left Kingy in “Combo-land”.

But in true King fashion he snagged a deep barrel/ floater (1o pointer) in the final 2 minutes that left him chasing a 4 point something but time simply ran out.

Winny takes the crown. The 2010 IBA World Tour says goodbye to Europe and heads for the last stage: the Bahia Bodyboarding Show, in Brazil.

Deeple Surfusiom 2010: solid bombs were thrown

The forecast for the second day at Ferrol always looked good. It showed a bigger swell and offshore winds and even before we actually arrived at the beach we could see the swell from the hills as we approached Doniños, and it was huge.

Solid 6 feet with some bigger bombs and the lefts in the corner were offering some mind-blowing barrels.

Heat 1 saw Brazilian Helliton Louriero set the bar at a lofty level when he snagged some chunky lefts and executed some of the best inverts seen on the e3x leg thus far netting him a 9.25 and a high 8 and a first place. Ardiel Jimenez snuck through in second.

Jared Houston from South Africa dominated heat 2. He may have well worked for N.A.S.A when he took to the skies with a highflying back-flip that pulled a 9.25 from the judges. Silvano Lourenco and Damian King traded second place but in the end Kingy found a rare right in the dying seconds to ensure second.

Brad Hughes won the third heat with local wildcard Nacho Garcia second. Hughsy showed lots of poise in the bigger stuff and was a standout from the round.

Other highlights included:

Oliver Herera 7.75
Manuel Centeno 8.50
Jorge Colomer 8.50

Notable casualties included:

Guileromo Cobo
Jacob Romero
Shane Meheen
Tom Rigby

Next up was the second round of the DK where current ratings leader Cesar Bauer (Peru) finshed a close third behind local legend Yiyi Obenza. The Euro leg has not been kind to the Peruvian and he instantly bailed off the beach to reflect on his possible title loss. For the record Amaury Lavernhe won the heat.

Dave Winchester dominated heat two of the DK. “Winny”, as he is known to his friends mixed a front/backside snaps and floaters to put him one step closer as a contender for the 2010 IBA DKWT race. He nailed a 9 pointer for one crazy tail whip. One of the other frontrunners Ardiel Jimenez was second.

Gal Larar (Israel) stamped himself as a contender when he took several late drops and pulled into some meaty tubes. He didn’t qualify to the next round but he was happy with the result.

“Of course I’m happy! I’m living the dream” said the charismatic Israeli.

“We are getting more and more DK riders in Israel and the scene is developing fast”.

“Maybe one day the IBA will come to my beach, it would be amazing”.

At this point the wind started to swing cross/onshore and the wave quality was fast deteriorating. Organizers meet with some Top 16 riders and the decision to hold off till tomorrow was unanimous.

The third heat saw Aussie riders Damian King and Ryan Hardy knock out West Australian Kim Feast. “Feasty” was in the running for a potential world title but will now join Cesar on the sideline to watch the remainder of the event.

The day finished with the last of the second round heats for DK and Dave Hubbard won and Fabrice Moulin from Anglet in France was second.

Tomorrow will see the IBA Top 16 take on the inform qualifiers from 8.30am onwards and organizers hope to crown the champion by the afternoon.

Scion Jenks Pro 2010: no way to hide

The Scion Jenks Pro kicked off with the Drop Knee Pro division today with epic 4 ft conditions. Sammy Morretino was a clear standout as the 15-year-old Kauaian dominated wave after wave with big snaps and barrels.

Drop Knee Champ Brian Steroh was knocked out by Sammy and Dan Worley narrowly. Jeff Hubbard’s backside attack kept his drop knee roll going as he just arrived from a 2nd place finish at Sintra (IBA World Tour event). Runner up to Jeff was North Carolina’s Ryan Rhodes.

After the Drop Knee Rd1 finished the following division was an expression session in the form of the USBA Team’s Challenge. The Hawaiian team of JB Hillen, Trevor Kam, Mark Balasbas, Jeff Hubbard and David Phillips dominated with two 9’s as their top scores winning the division and bragging rights!

The finals of the Drop Knee Pro will run Saturday with the men’s pro main rounds. Surf conditions are forecasted to be epic. Tomorrow will be round 1 of men’s pro with an 8am EST start time.

Source: USBA