Shark Island Challenge: lift off time

The 2010 Fluidzone Shark Island Challenge is ready to lift off for another intense bodyboarding competition in Cronulla, New South Wales.

The organizers are extending the waiting period to the 5th of August hoping for mother nature to do the rest.

And after studying all 250 different weather charts on offer, the decision to go for it has been made.

The first heat will be kicking off at 6:45am with Wingnut, Hardy, Lester and Showell hitting the early waves.

The heats will last for 30 minutes.

Nomad: hey, great website

The Nomad website has been given a complete overhaul to allow constant updates on the Nomad FSD and latest in our range of products.

The new site allows you to follow the Nomad FSD team riders, Matt Lackey, Chris James, Alex Halsey and Sacha Specker closer than ever before. Get an insight into their adventures around the globe with fresh news, video clips and photos.

The site will also follow our 2 film projects currently in production, The Matt Lackey Project, as well as the follow up project to our successful ROAM series.

While you’re there you might as well also check out the entire new range featuring all the new season boards including the new Gold Signature series Chris James and Matt Lackey models, as well as the FSD series featuring the hand drawn Nomad “The Wire” logo. Check it out.

San Strachan: a pro with 16 years old

It is hard to believe Sam Strachan is only 16 years of age.

There has been plenty of talk coming out Cronulla (one of bodyboarding’s toughest proving grounds) about Sam Strachan for what seems like years, and at the age of 15 Sam already had a Hawaiian season under his belt.

More recently Sam beat a field of the best aspiring stars in the sport to win his place in the Shark Island Challenge. Sam has a level head on his shoulders and the talent to do anything in the sport.

Turbo Surf Designs is proud to announce Sam as the 5th member of the Turbo 5 Professional team.

He will be working closely with Turbo Development Manager, Andrew Lester and travelling with the Turbo professional team to take his career to the next level.