Boland Bodyboarding Association: their team is ready

The Boland Bodyboarding Association have concluded their four trial series. They have selected their 2010 team, sponsored by Science Bodyboards and Reef Wetsuits who will compete in this years SA Bodyboarding Championships to be held in Central KZN in late September through to October.

The reason behind the Boland committee completing their trial series early in the year is because a number of team building and surf camps can be held; this compels the team together and giving them a sense of team spirit.

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Jacob Romero: now he buy a razor and shave properly

Jacob Romero has conquered the 2010 US Open of Bodyboarding, held in small waves at Huntington Beach, California.

In the final heat, Romero took over Jeff Hubbard, David Hubbard and David Phillips by a very narrow margin. The last waves and scores were fought till the last minute and Jacob smiled with an advantage of only 0.37 points.

Another tight final was the DK Pro competition. Dave Hubbard beat Bud Miyamoto, Micah McMullin and Jeff Vycital with an overall score of 14.83 points.

Karla Costa, in the Women's final, conquered the final trophy.



Red 2 15.60 JEFF HUBBARD
White 1 15.97 JACOB ROMERO
Blue 3 14.90 DAVID HUBBARD
Black 4 14.20 DAVID PHILLIPS

DK Pro

Red 1 14.83 DAVE HUBBARD
White 2 14.73 BUD MIYAMOTO
Black 4 9.33 JEFF VYCITAL

Women Pro

Red 2 11.83 TARA PARSONS
White 1 12.83 KARLA COSTA
Blue 3 11.07 VICKIE REALE

Open Am

Red 1 12.37 TREVOR KAM
White 3 11.27 ROCKET KLEIN
Blue 2 12.16 JESSE WALSH
Black 4 10.90 HUNTER FEDDEN

13-18 Amateur

White 3 13.00 TREVOR KAM
Blue 1 14.73 JB HILLEN
Black 2 13.43 SHAWBAZ SOAIA

Praia do Cabedelo: world class waves | Photo: SOS Cabedelo

Foz Mondego Bodyboard Association is proud to present the 1st Figueira Bodyboard European Pro Júnior, and we believe this contest is the beginning of major international bodyboard junior event in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

This event is the first of its kind in Europe and aims to develop Junior Bodyboarders throughout Europe, as well as being the springboard for other countries to organize similar events. The event is a special event sanctioned by the International Bodyboarding Association and is part of a project to raise the organizational level of Júnior Bodyboarding worldwide.

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