Zicatela Pro: perfect bodyboarding

Zicatela Beach and all the spectators saw a lot of action from the men’s prone division. The second round was completed. All Mexican competitors advanced to the third round. Chuy Silva, Cesar Petroni, Gerardo Martinez, Jose Ramirez, Edwin Morales, Alexander Alvarez and Ulises Rodriguez.

The most exciting heat of the day had seeded number one Magno Oliveira, local Jesus Silva and Eduardo Carpinello from Chile. Magno took an early lead with a massive el Rollo and went back out straight into a perfect lefthander that would give him a 9.4 in the first five minutes.

Illuminated by the gods, Magno was able to find a better score riding a double barrel wave ending with a smooth invert taking the highest score of the competition so far; a 9.8 and a total heat score of 19.20 to seal the deal.

Local Jesus was in third place until the last few minutes where he found a little corner launching a clean ARS to take second place and move to the fourth round.

Waves are still picking up and it should be a great show for tomorrow morning. All round 3 will be running and all competitors are hungry for some big surf.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s action!

IBA Zicatela Pro: inaugural surprise

The first ever IBA Zicatela Pro2010 its ready to go. With a building swell for the weekend and another one for the end of the waiting period, all competitors are really excited to see the perfect waves of the most powerful beachbreak in the world.

More than 70 competitors from all over the world signed in for what its called the most exciting event of the year. Top 20 riders like Magno Oliveira, Hermano Castro , DK World Champ Dave Hubbard, Peru’s Cesar Bahuer, Australia’s Kim Feast and the local wildcards like Jesus Silva are patiently waiting for their turn.

The night’s main attraction was the women’s division. Some of the best female bodyboarders of the world are more than happy to support this years event. Eunate Aguirre, Luz Marie Gran Perez, Maylla Venturim, Claudia Ferrari, Karla Costa and many more girls are waiting from some action.

“This a dream come true”, Event Director Humberto Olivera said. “ We have been waiting for this our whole lives and now its finally here, the first ever IBA event in Mexico”.

Stay tune for the round one action of female and DK divisions!

Shark Island Challenge: lift off time

The 2010 Fluidzone Shark Island Challenge is ready to lift off for another intense bodyboarding competition in Cronulla, New South Wales.

The organizers are extending the waiting period to the 5th of August hoping for mother nature to do the rest.

And after studying all 250 different weather charts on offer, the decision to go for it has been made.

The first heat will be kicking off at 6:45am with Wingnut, Hardy, Lester and Showell hitting the early waves.

The heats will last for 30 minutes.