Amaury Lavernhe: back flip to victory at Pipeline

The 2010 Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro presented by Body Glove has been won and run, with Pipeline saving the best for last with the competition wrapping up on the final day of the 2 week waiting period.

Conditions were epic, with perfect 8 to 12 feet Pipe and light offshore winds all day, keeping the thousands that lined the shore thoroughly entertained.

Amaury Lavernhe of the Reunion Islands was the one who came up trumps, blitzing through his final heats.

Lavernhe threw down the gauntlet to his combatants in the final with an outstanding combined wave total of 17.50, which included a perfect 10 for a huge pipe barrel to backflip. He then backed his perfect score up with a 7.5 for another huge barrel to roll.

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Bodysurfing in Pipeline: how would it be to wipeout?

The holding period for the 37th annual Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic presented by Patagonia, Viper Fins & CTS Foundation, on the North Shore of Oahu, will begin February 16th , 2010 and will run through February 26th , 2010.

This half day event will be held when the conditions at Pipeline are the best available during the holding period (based on swell and wind direction as well as size). The preferred conditions for this event will be 6 to 8 foot (12' to 15' faces) West to North West Swell with favorable off shore winds.

Each year, for one day watermen (past entrants have included Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Tom Curren and Donavan Frankenreiter) from around the world come together and participate in a homegrown event in Hawa'ii involving Bodysurfing.

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Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro: showtime in Hawaii

Day two of the 2010 Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro Presented by Body Glove has continued today at the insane Banzai Pipeline.

Sets were a solid 6 feet (2.0 metres) and conditions were picture perfect for the majority of the day.

The action moved into overdrive as the competition progressed through the rounds of 96, 80 and 64, eventually weaning the field down to the final 48 riders.

Hawaiian Vaj Lederman, who gained a local wild card into the event, ripped through all of his heats and was by far the stand out surfer of the day.

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