South Africa bodyboarding: plenty of reasons to shine

For the first time in South African bodyboarding history, a dedicated SABA event will be run on the west coast of South Africa.

Last September Boland Body boarding Association (BBA) hosted the annual South African body boarding Championships in and round the Lamberts Bay area.

The event attracted a lot of interest with the local community and businesses and the contest benefited from the support of some huge sponsorship support, in fact ,the sponsors were so happy with what they saw they were knocking on the door to get another big event in the area, Thanks to Kumba Iron Ore and REEF SA we are proud to invite you to the first SABA West Coast Classic.

The West Coast is known for some of the best and heaviest body boarding waves around with tons of “slab” type reef breaks and hollow beach breaks so satisfy any type of body boarder.

This time of year is best for the area due to the cold fronts that hit Cape Town not really affecting the west coast but the swell still reaches the breaks with the winds often light and perfect. We will once again explore the spots Famous Last Words, Farmer Burger’s and Bones for the best breaks during the contest.

The Event will have some of the biggest prize money and prizes sponsored by Kumba Iron Ore and REEF SA and will be one of the richest events thus far. A huge thanks goes out to these sponsors. Together with you we can grow the sport and promote health and wellness as far as possible.

Dates for the contest will be the 7th, 8th and 9th August 2010, a long weekend so to give us 3 possible days to run the contest. Coke has given us the use of the Big Fun truck with sponsored beverages which will be at any of the venues we surf. Those of you that were at SA Champs last year know how beneficial this truck was so we are very lucky to have it once again.

A development contest will be run in Lamberts bay for the local children in the area on the Friday afternoon. Kumba Iron Ore, REEF SA and OK SENTRA has kindly sponsored prizes for this development event.

BBC: not the TV broadcasters

The British Bodyboard Club (‘BBC’) is delighted to confirm that the inaugural World Bodyboard Games is being held in Gran Canarias in the week following the Confital IBA tour event; namely 6-12 December 2010.

The event will have Open, Junior, Women’s and Drop Knee divisions; and the BBC has asked the BSA to enter a full team in the ISA sanctioned competition. The team will comprise of 2 Open BBers, 2 Junior, 1 Woman and 1 Drop Knee rider, along with a support staff of Coach and Manager.

Rich Hall, BBC Chairman said: “Many bodyboarders will remember the furore that erupted around the globe when the ISA stripped bodyboarding from the World Surfing Games. Many people thought that the WBBG would never happen, but the Spanish Federation has stepped into the breach and with a great bodyboard venue too”. He continued “we don’t know how often this event will run, but we’re backing it 100%. It looks set to be a great advert for bodyboarding”.

Running back to back with the IBA tour event, the competition is set to attract the world’s best bodyboarders to represent their host nations; and with European competitors doing so well on the world tour they will be in with a good shout against the powerhouses of Australia, Hawaii, Brazil and South Africa.

The BBC will be nominating competitors to represent team GB, using the Auto-Sleepers British tour and Nationals, European and international events as its principal drivers. First and second place on the ASG tour will be in contention for the 2 Open slots, whilst the other places will be decided on the basis of performance at the Nationals and/or other relevant events during 2010.

The BBC will be contributing financially itself towards sending the team to Gran Canarias and has just secured backing from a colaboration within the bodyboard industry. The BBC is also seeking an additional corporate partner and is pursuing a number of leads in this respect.

Jeff Hubbard: he's 18 now

Jeff Hubbard has signed a contract deal with wetsuit manufacturer Agent Eighteen.

The 2009 IBA World Tour champion from Kauai, Hawaii, has filmed a very funny video for his new sponsor.

"We had only a few days to shoot, so we did the lifestyles in the morning at home and down town and then also got a quick afternoon session in at half point and then the day I left I had one hour to film at Rocky Point before raced to the airport to grab a morning flight to Brazil", said Jeff Hubbard.

The film was shot by Mark Balasbas, on Oahu.