Old Bar Festival

The Old Bar festival was a major success and has set the platform for many years to come.

Newcastle's Jimmy Lear was the biggest winner of the day defeating Sam Bennett, Marshal Watson and Grahame Kellner in the final.

He showed his versalitity by winning the DK and scoring the award for the best move of the day.

Nicole Flemming won the women's, Kiryn Schuck won the cadets and Charlie Holt won the juniors.

Thanks to Grand Flavour, Low Pressure, Old Bar festival and all the supporting sponsors as well as Melynne Rosemond for a great day!!

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Eder Luciano

Eder Luciano and Jessica Becker have won the 2009 Búzios Bodyboarding, in Brazil.

The 11th stage of the 2009 IBA World Tour was a hard fought battle for the best waves.

In the semi final, Eder Luciano defeated Mike Stewart, while Erisberto Abrantes took over fellow Brazilian mate Guilherme Tâmega.

Everybody was expecting the historical Stewart VS Tâmega final, but the underdogs took the show.

The final was pretty tough but Eder Luciano managed to get a 8 and 8,75 score to win the bodyboarding event.

Jessica Becker beated Joselaine Amorim and is now near the top of the rankings.

Jeff Hubbard is still leading the 2009 IBA World Tour as the pro bodyboarders head for the final and decisive leg - the Confital Pro in the Canary Islands

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2009 Búzios Bodyboarding

Men's event running on Buzios and the best riders gave a good show to everyone that appeared on Geriba Beach to support.

Mike Stewart and Guilherme Tamega were the best bodyboarders on second day and both advanced to quarter finals.

Guilherme did a great job with a 9,25 in his best score and Mike also got good waves on his heats.

With these results, both are still fighting for world title.
Today the conditions were very good with 6-8 feet plus waves on Geriba Beach.
“The conditions are pretty strong. I had some difficulties because I choose to get only good waves. I’m very happy to advanced but I’m only thinking in my next heat. When I enter in a contest I always try to do my best heat by heat”, said Mike.
The Brazilian Hellinton Loureiro had the best score with a perfect 10. He also got a 8,25 in the same heat and made the best result of this event: 18,25.

Tomorrow the girls will debut on event and the 1st and 2nd rounds should happen.

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