Alexandra Rinder: the 2014 APB Women's World Tour champion | Photo: Science/DRM Fotografia

At only 16 years of age, Alexandra Rinder claimed the 2014 APB Women's World Tour. She is the youngest female champion in the history of professional bodyboarding.

The chapter ended in tears. Tears of joy. Despite being eliminated in the fourth round of the Sintra Portugal Pro, Rinder saw Isabela Sousa delivering her a maiden world title, with a victory in the final.

Alexandra immediately got emotional, and tried to hide her tear behind sunglasses. She hasn't reached the age of majority yet, but a steady and consistent performance in the 2014 APB Women's World Tour payed off.


Bodyboarding: the sport has its own lingo | Photo: Sacha Specker

The sport of bodyboarding has its own lingo. The invention of the bodyboard by Tom Morey brought new terms, words, expressions and tricks to the world of wave sports.

The bodyboarding glossary of terms used in the waves is useful to all levels of bodyboarders. Discover the vocabulary of bodyboarding and learn new words:


Bodyboarding: learn how to walk with swim fins | Photo: Creative Commons/SayLuiiiis

Bodyboarding beginners may find difficult to walk in swim fins, but the trick is quite simple. Just exaggerate your steps.

Fins are one of the most important tools in contemporary bodyboarding. You need them catch the best waves, as fast as you can. First of all, get your leash on.

After warming up, and while walking towards the water, bring your knees up higher than you usually would, and walk in a kind of skipping action so they don't get caught as you bring your foot through.