Andrew Raath: full throttle

Andrew Raath has claimed the inaugural Zion Summer Shred Sesh, in Long Beach, South Africa.

The Zion Summer Shred Sesh bodyboarding competition saw two divisions - Under 18 and Open - fiercely competed by all 40 riders.

The bodyboarders demonstrated a high level of power, technicality and style, just what the judges were looking for.


MS Pro Plug: the GoPro bodyboard mount by Science

Science Bodyboards has released the Mike Stewart Pro Plug, a special GoPro mount for bodyboards.

It has never been easy to apply a GoPro bodyboard mount. You can easily damage a brand new bodyboard, and you can position the mounting pad in the wrong spot.

Science Bodyboards has released the MS Pro Plus, a light weight, low profile GoPro mount specifically designed to fit any bodyboard or soft board, between 1,3/4'' (45mm) and 3'' (75mm) in thickness.


Within: inspired by friendship

"Within" is the latest bodyboarding documentary by filmmaker Darius Devas.

The award winning movie follows two lifelong friends, on a surfing pilgrimage to remote parts of the Australian coastline.

Their quest is to film epic waves in memory of their other friend who took his life. It captures their journey of filming in the elements, as the film "Within" is brought to life.