Sumol Special Edition in Nazaré

After 14 days of waiting, Praia do Norte didn’t disappoint the expectations of the one thousand plus spectators that went to the beach to watch the fourth edition of Sumol Nazaré Special Edition.

Mike Stewart was the big winner of this edition, in a podium where the international presences had eminence. The athlete was very “surprised, and, at the same time, happy for winning this contest in the first time competing”.

The Brazilian José Otávio won the second place. “I’m very happy for the second place in a contest with such a high level”, he said. The third place was given to Jaime Jesus, considered the best Portuguese in the contest.

After some qualm of some athletes due to the initial sea prediction, the stormy waves of the day before were replaced by a sunny day that allowed an excellent show of air maneuvers, huge drops and even some impossible tubes.

Luís “Porkito” Pereira surfed an unforgettable wave that was rewarded with ten points. The athlete did a 360. inside a tube, followed by a huge invert air. Porkito won the last two editions and showed all his courage and determination, although he got the seventh place in the contest.

Although Mike Stewart didn’t have any extraordinary maneuvers, the athlete showed consistency during the entire contest, its this reason why he took the first place back to Hawaii.

The organization considers that this fourth edition was a big success in what concerns to public affluence, not only local presences at the beach but also through webcasting at the website.


1. Mike Stewart
2. José Otávio
3. Jaime Jesus
4. Pierre Louis Costes
5. Rui Ferreira
6. João Pinheiro
7. Luís Pereira
8. Gastão Entrudo
9. João André Magoito
10. Ivo Mochacho
11. Paulo Costa
12. Hugo Pinheiro
13. Rui Pereira
14. Dino Carmo
15. Luís Coelho
16. António Cardoso
17. Bernardo Alvim
18. Ricardo Faustino
19. Gonçalo Campos
20. Manuel Centeno

Sam Bennett

It wasn't since 1996 that the National Bodyboarding Titles had been held at Duranbah Beach on the Gold Coast.

The six day bodyboarding event was run in a complete mix bag of conditions, including messy large 1.5 metre surf, to epic offshore conditions mid week and Friday saw competition on hold by lunch time as conditions were virtually flat. Todays final day at D-Bah saw the famous beach break come alight with some perfect right hand wedges rolling through.

With over 200 competitors in town the level of competitiveness amongst the states was unbelievable, however only one eventual winner from each division could win.

In the end it was Sam Bennett of Port Macquarie, that took the blue ribbon event the Open Mens. Sam was one of the stand out surfers of the whole week, which involved multiple nine and ten point rides from the judging panel. Sam notched up a massive 18.40 to take out Chase O'Leary in second with 14.50, Joe Clarke in third with 12.40 and David Lohan with 11.27.

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Corey McLean

Corey McLean, of Miami Beach, Gold Coast Queensland has taken out the 2009 Australasian Rebel Sport Pro Tour, after progressing through to the semi finals of the Rebel Sport Pro.

McLean secured the number one spot over Jake Stone (Sunshine Coast, QLD) who was knocked out in his round four heat.

Corey has been rock solid all through-out the 2009 Australasian season and has been one of the most determined tour competitors over the past five years.

"It has been a long year and I pushed myself very hard to get through all of the events" said Corey.

"I am just so stoked and I need to thank all of my family and friends that kept on telling me that I could do it".

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