Reinhardt du Toit

Day 4 began exactly like all the other days, getting up extremely early and starting the contest in the freezing cold! The venue for day 4 was again at the bone crunching beach break of "Famous Last Words".

The swell was predicted to drop, but when we arrived we found the sight of solid 3-4ft waves yet again! The wind was expected to blow very hard side shore from mid morning, but was light offshore and looking good.

The pro Quarter finals were first in. The low tide was making things tricky with loads of rips and double ups. The riders that made it through into tomorrows Semi's are: Defending Pro Champ, Mark McCarthy (NKZN), Iain Campbell (CKZN), Jonathan Oliff (CKZN), David Lee (SKZN), Adam Waites (CKZN), Terence Pieters (SKZN), Sacha Specker (WP) and Vaughn Harris (BOL).

The conditions started to improve for the men's and junior Quarter finals.

The men's had heaving conditions with 2 leashes snapping in one heat. The riders in the semi finals are: Wayne Beekman (SKZN), Jarryd Van Daalen (SKZN), Jonathan De Lauwere (EP), Ruan De Bruin (WP), Jeffery Davies (SKZN),Rayner Venter (SKZN) and Lennie Muller (NKZN).

Marc Webster (BOL), absolutely blew the competition away in his juniors Semi final heat, busting a huge flip on one wave and a massive invert on another. Storm Prestwick (SKZN) also won his semi final heat. Joining them in tomorrows final are Adam Waites (CKZN), and defending SA Junior Champ, David Lilenfeld (WP).

Tristan Roberts (BOL), was again a huge standout in the boys division. Landing a ARS (Air Roll Spin) and backing it up with a cleanly executed roll. Other standouts were Steven Du Preez (CKZN), Murray Van Vuuren (EP) and Robbie Waites (CKZN).

The expected wind started to show its ugly head and the word on the street was that Farmer Burgers was looking very contestable. The whole contest went mobile and carted off to the break to run the ladies heats.

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Vaugh Harris

Day 3 started out as cold as ever. The swell had dropped off considerably and the call was made to meet at the heaving beachbreak of "Famous Last Words". Arriving in the early morning and walking across the freezing sand to check the swell, my feet got so numb that I couldn't feel a thing, infact there were 4 devil thorns stuck into my toe and I couldn't even feel them!

The swell was a clean punchy 3-5ft, breaking close to shore making it the ideal venue for judges and spectators.

The pros were first to paddle out and the first heat of the day saw big moves being dealt out by Sacha Specker (WP), Vaughn Harris (BOL) and Duart McClean (EP). Other pros that scored highly were Bradley Moys (SKZN), Adam Waites (CKZN), Rheinhardt Du Toit (NKZN) and Warren Canepa (EP), who was the only pro rider to score two 300% 's in both his first and second rounds.

By the time the juniors entered the water the wind was on the increase and was going light side-shore, the waves continued to pour in and the guys went all out in their quarter final heats. The riders that advanced through to the semis were Storm Prestwich (SKZN), Cole Dyer (CKZN), Adam Waites (CKZN), Aden Kleve (WP), David Lillienfeld (WP), Bradley Moys (SKZN), Marc Webster (BOL) and Terence Pieters (SKZN).

The men's round 2 heats were held in some testing conditions with wave knowledge playing a big part in wave selection. Martin Ras (BOL), Jamie Higgins (WP), Jaryd Van Daalen (SKZN) and Lennie Muller (NKZN) won their respective round 2 heats.

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 Bradley Moys

It was a completely different story when the teams woke on day 2 of the Reef SA Champs.

The wind had dropped off completely, there was not a cloud in the sky and the swell had dropped slightly making the conditions a lot more contestable for all the competitors.

Elands Bay was again chosen as the venue for day 2. A very clean lined up 3-4ft swell was running down the point.

The Pro division was first up with morning glare to contend with. Stand-out riders were Jonothan Oliff (CKZN), Warren Canepa (EP), Duarte McClean (EP), Terence Pieters (CKZN), who is excelled in both the Pro and Junior divisions, and Vaughn Harris (BOL) who pulled a big backflip and duely received a big score.

In the Junior round 2 heats, Andrew Raath (WP), Iain Campbell (CKZN) and Bradley Moys (SKZN) where the riders to all score the highest scores in their respective heats.

Tristan Roberts (BOL) who is 12 years old, again rode the long lefts to perfection in his Boys heat, using the pocket of the wave to execute tight manoeuvres earning him another 300 score to go with his first one he scored in his round 1 heat. Other riders in Boys who received high scores were Steven Du Preez (CKZN), Dylan Bosch (EP), Niklas Martin (EP) and Michael Mynhardt (SKZN).

The contest day ended at 1pm and all the teams went off to Lamberts Bay main beach where the Kumba Iron Ore development clinic was to be held.

The huge Coca-Cola event truck had parked facing the beach which made a perfect stage for the hand out ceremony. Pure ecstasy is the only word to describe the way the kids looked and felt when they received their gear! Each of the 40 kids received a board, wetsuit, fins and leash so that they are totally equipped for their future surfs.

Each provincial team took 6 of the kids out into the waves for their first surf in their new gear. The pictures speak for themselves....pure enjoyment!

The forecast for day 3 looks very promising. The swell should decrease enough for some of the other more "bodyboarder friendly" type waves to be to surfed. This means that a right-hander could be surfed which could open up doors for some competitors to excel and close some for others who preferred left handed breaks. Could make things very interesting.