Did you know that travel insurance does not cover you if you are competing in an event that has prizemoney? This will class you as a professional and most of the fine print in all Travel Insurance policies has a clause that will void the policy if this is proven.

Marsh Insurance is working with the IBA to make sure that all Bodyboarders are covered and understand the implications if you are injured (paricually in the USA) during competition. The policy covers the Bodyboarder 24 hours per day and 7 days per week whilst training, practicing and competing in events.

Medical costs overseas can be very expensive. This policy provides up to $500,000 cover if you select the lowest category (being category D) and more coverage is provided the higher the category selected. Unlimited Emergency Medical Evacuation is also provided.

You may wish to take the optional travel extension which provides cover for your baggage and personal effects (includes cover for bodyboards), loss of travel deposits due to cancellation and other expenses as per the policy wording.

Examples of Claims:

Whilst participating for an event in Hawaii came off board and slammed into reef several times receiving multiple facial and body injuries. Had emergency evacuation from island to hospital by helicopter. Amount Claimed $180,000

Injured knee whilst competing in an event. Amount Claimed $149,800

Injured leg whilst practicing. Amount Claimed $31,950

Concussion, burst ear drum and cuts to head whilst competing in an event. Amount Claimed $10,550

The family and friends of a body-boarder killed in a shark attack at Ballina on the state’s north coast earlier this week have requested that media organisations respect their privacy. Wollongbar teenager, Peter Edmonds, was body-boarding at Lighthouse Beach about 8.15am on Tuesday (8 April 2008), when he was attacked by a shark.

The 16-year-old was pulled from the surf suffering heavy blood loss from severe lacerations to his upper and lower leg.
Attempts to revive him proved unsuccessful.

Since Peter’s tragic death, his family and friends have been inundated with requests from media organisations for interviews and other information about the teenager.


Uri Valadão 

Uri Valadao has defeated Luis Villar to take out the Katherine Melo Bodyboarding Pro. Today, Brava Beach unvieled  the final day of the Katherine Melo Bodyboarding Pro 2008. This was the second mens event of the IBA world tour (the first was Pipeline, ,Hawaii).
The waves were small and the on shore wind started to blow in the morning, making conditions really hard for the finalists. The woman’s highlight was Maira Viana that lost to Joselaine Amorin in the semifinal. Maira just turned professional this year and the Katherine Melo Bodyboarding Pro was her first pro event.

“I am very happy to get in 3rd place here. Now let’s see if I can get a sponsor and compete the tour.” The 3x times world champion Neymara Carvalho lost to Naara Carolyne in the semifinal and also finished 3rd overall.