Sean McElroy: the 2014 BIA Tour champion | Photo: Matthew Byzak

It is California's only bodyboarding circuit, and it might be the most important series in the United States. The Bodyboarder International Association (BIA) has announced the full schedule for the 2015 season.

Bodyboarding is an American invention, but that doesn't mean the sport is running smoothly in US waters. The USBA is sleepy, so the BIA keeps its soulful path in a big ship without a rudder.

Armed with a new logo and a new website the 2015 BIA Tour will visit five different venues before crowning a champion for the 20th year. Sean McElroy is the 2014 BIA Tour Pro Men's defending champion.

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South Africa's West Coast: only Houston and Specker know the feeling

Jared Houston and Sacha Specker have hidden a secret for three years. In 2012, they surfed perfect, uncrowded barrels for eight hours in South Africa's West Coast.

Sometimes you've got to be lucky. After traveling around the globe, Houston and Specker touched homeland and looked at the charts. It looked lovely. At 7am, the duo arrived at an undisclosed break.

"It all pointed towards the day being cracking, with a good little pulse running, coupled with a strong period and the holy of holies - the infamous "Berg Wind." A straight easterly on the West Coast happens periodically in winter, and when it coincides with a swell, it makes for "drop everything and go" circumstances," explained Jared Houston.

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Knights Beach: barrels and wedges | Photo: Surfing Australia

The Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) has released the schedule for the 2015 ABA Tour.

The 2015 ABA Tour will be run in four stages. The peak management body for bodyboarding across Australia believes that the success of last year's wedgy venues should be considered.

Therefore, the official Australian pro bodyboarding circuit will return to Mandurah, Duranbah, Knights and Mystics in wintertime.

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