Pierre-Louis Costes and Joana Schenker: different ways of celebrating European titles | Photos: FRMS

Pierre-Louis Costes and Joana Schenker are the 2014 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) champions.

The last event of the European bodyboarding season was decisive. The Casablanca Bodyboard Pro crowned a local Moroccan rider - Ayoub Rachidi - and put smiles in the faces of two Old Continent performers.

Maxime Castillo knew he had a very tough job ahead, when Costes was able to reach the final. Pierre would only lose the 2014 European title if he finished fourth, and Maxime won the last heat. It didn't happen.


Sumatra: waves and jungle

Ben Player has spent ten days in the Sumatra jungle, in Indonesia. In that period, he scored epic waves and filmed a short movie.

"Sumatrium." The title says it all. When Ben Player, Ed Saltau, Dean Fergus, and Rod Owens decided to get out from their comfort zone, they knew they would find something special.

"We went up to Sumatra in the hope of having an adventure by exploring some new surf locations to film and shoot, and we stumbled across some of the best surf locations we have ever laid eyes on," confirms Player.


Bodyboard rails: a balance between control, speed and maneuverability

Rails are one of the most important features in a bodyboard. The side edges of a boogie board are responsible for steering your destiny on a wave.

Bodyboard shapers know how rails can make the difference in a bodyboard. Basically, there are two different types of rails: the 60/40 and the 50/50.

The numbers represent a rail/chine ratio. The 60/40 means that 40% is chine - the top part around the deck - and 60% is the lower proportion in direct contact with the wave.