Bodyboarding: rocky breaks are peaky headaches | Photo: Unknown Author/Creative Commons

The entry and exit of rocky bodyboarding breaks can be a dangerous, life-threatening experience. Learn how to stay safe when entering and leaving the water.

Some reef breaks are tricky. Walking over slimy rocks with your fins on is not a comfortable moment, especially if waves are pounding, and the swell period is particularly short.

That is why using your board to protect you and get fast out the back is usually a good advice. Before entering the water - and even if you know the spot like the back of your hand - make sure you've studied all entry and exit options, and how you'll time your body between sets.

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Praia do Norte, Nazaré: world's best prepare to get barreled | Photo: Jorge Brás/Creative Commons

The 2015 Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) World Tour will feature 14 stages, including Teahupoo, Nazaré and Maldives.

The 2015 APB World Tour schedule is out. There are seven 5-star events (Arica, Itacoatiara, New South Wales, Maldives, Nazaré, Teahupoo, and Middles Beach), five 4-star contests (Bahia, Vario, Sintra, South Africa, and a Brazilian beach), a 3-star event (Chile), and a 2-star competition (Isla Margarita).

The world bodyboarding circuit will kick off on the 8th May, 2015, with the Arica Chilean Challenge. However, the APB World Tour notes "events will be confirmed three months prior to their start date."

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Jacob Romero: Hawaiian expert | Photo: Lee Kelly

Jacob Romero has been crowned 2014 IBA Hawaii Pro Tour bodyboarding champion.

The 29-year-old ripper from Waiehu, Maui, was able to secure his lead in the overall rankings in the Westside Challenge, the last event of the season, held at Keaau.

Ben Severson, one of the ultimate bodyboarding pioneers, put on a jersey and returned to competition to prove that age does not affect performance.

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