Staircase bodyboarding: no reefs, just concrete walls

Normally, there are two competitive divisions in bodyboarding: prone and drop-knee, but there's a third specialty coming up. Meet staircase bodyboarding.

Bodyboarding is a water sport in which riders get the most out of ocean waves. But the sport invented by Tom Morey is in constant evolution and enthusiasts are taking it down the stairs.

In fact, we don't need water or waves in order to ride a bodyboard anymore. If you live in a double storey house or apartment, stairs exist to be ridden.


Passing Through: a flying fish

"Passing Through" is a DVD and book combo featuring nine top-class bodyboarders in 10 surf trips.

The bodyboard movie includes a collection of footage captured in 2013. Nick Gornall, Tom Rigby, Pierre Louis Costes, Jared Houston, Jase Finlay, Dallas Singer, Jake Stone, Michael Novy, and Sam Bennett have been invited to amaze you.

"We never do things by halves here, so not only did we make a feature film but we crafted an 188-page hardcover book filled with over 130 images from the adventures that shaped the final edit," explain our friends at Le Boogie.


Eddie Read: he knows how to do it

Eddie Read has claimed the second round of the Forster Tuncurry Bodyboarding Association 2014 Tour, at Tuncurry Beach.

A beautiful Autumn day, sunshine, warm water, and clean offshore waves for most of the day greeted riders. It was time to decide in which division each competitor would spend the rest of the year.

The presence of the Pom and former world tour competitor Eddie Read was bound to push the local boys to lift their riding, and they didn't disappoint.