Royal Blood: a bodyboarding monarchy

Were you born with "Royal Blood" ? If not, watch the kings of contemporary bodyboarding from a different perspective.

Angles. "Royal Blood," the new film by Tyge Landa, is all about innovative, fresh new angles. Although it is never easy to introduce change in action sports movies, Landa did it. Zooming in and shooting from unexpected viewpoints.

In the heart of the kingdom, Ben Player, Jake Stone, Ryan Hardy, Jones Russell and Jase Finlay display royal ancestry. They're monarchs with bodyboarding running through their veins.

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Punta1, Iquique: there is only one way out | Photo: ISA

The world-class reef break of Punta 1, in Chile, is ready to welcome the 2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship, between 6th-14th December.

The city of Iquique prepares to become the bodyboard capital of the world, as the planet's best riders get ready to compete in five categories: Open Men, Open Women, Junior Under-18 Boys, Junior Under-18 Girls, and Open Dropknee.

Punta 1 is usually dominated by bodyboarders, so fans in the beach will see top athletes showcasing high-performance maneuvers on this fantastic wave. The right-hand point break is very shallow - no more than 1.5 meters deep - and it works perfectly with a south swell.

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2014 Portuguese Bodyboard Pro Tour: the power of Nazare | Photo: APB/Pedro Carvalho

Manuel Centeno and Joana Schenker have been crowned the 2014 Portuguese Bodyboard Pro Tour champions, in Praia do Norte, Nazare.

The waves were pumping in the 10-foot (three meters) mark, and there was absolutely no wind blowing in the famous bodyboarding peak. With perfect conditions, the show didn't disappoint those who witnessed a full day of barrels, airs and el rollos.

"I still can't believe it happened to me. The last weeks were very difficult because of my arm injury, so I'm ecstatic with this title," expressed Manuel Centeno, one of the most experienced bodyboarders in Portugal.

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