West Beach Warfare 2014: the best of South African bodyboarding

Stephen Du Preez landed a huge backflip to steal the second consecutive West Beach Warfare 2014, in Port Alfred, South Africa.

The Pro division got underway in consistent three-to-four foot waves. The final saw Iain Campbell and Stephen Du Preez competing for the highest place in the podium.

The decisive final began with offshore winds and radical tricks from both riders. Du Preez opened his heat with an excellent barrel into a roll on the end section, while Campbell showed a smooth roll-to-air reverse.


Surf Skooter: handle bars for bigger airs and stronger carves

Surf Skooter, a bodyboard designed to fill the gap between surfing and bodyboarding, will be launched in the summer of 2015.

The idea may not be radically new, but the Surf Skooter will hit the market. Can you imagine a bodyboard with handle bars? Well, you've probably seen a couple of ones a few years ago in the hands of pros.

The Surf Skooter was "invented" in Michael and Christopher Hoskins, in 2009. Michael was a regular bodyboarder, but when he tried surfing, he found it hard to learn.


Bodyboarding: difficult times for pro riders

Professional bodyboarding is living one of the most difficult seasons in the history of the sport. Nevertheless, there are good examples of how competitions can be run. Isn't it time to imitate good practices?

Bodyboarding fans are confused. The IBA World Tour 2014 has been cancelled, but its Facebook page keeps posting insipid messages. The website is a disgrace: two blocks of ads, and a short message with a mistyped word.

The newly-formed Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) promised a revolution in the World Tour but, in the first six months of the year, only the Pipe Pro was run. How can a professional sports circuit survive with events being held with a six-month interval? In the medium term, it will not be impracticable.