Shock Master Challenge: tricky entry

Rodrigo Correa has claimed the Shock Master Challenge 2015, in Itacoatiara, Brazil.

Shock is dangerous slab located in the one of the heaviest waves in Brazil. The rocky break only works when the swell is really powerful. And that was precisely what happened in the first days of May.

The Shock Master Challenge 2015 had 10 invitees in the Masters division: Guilherme and Rodrigo Correa, Gugu Barcellos, Rafael "Presunto", Rodrigo Monteiro, Guilherme Gianelli, André Paiva, Celio Baptista, Fabio Simonin and Paulo Esteves.

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Lagoa de Óbidos: Portugal's newest natural standing wave

No, it is not Waimea's famous standing wave. And no, Jamie O'Brien is not here to hassle bodyboarders. Meet Portugal's finest static wave: Lagoa de Óbidos, a lagoon with a connection to Atlantic Ocean located in the country's central region.

Recently, the local authorities were forced to dredge sand, in order to restore the connection between the lagoon and the ocean. Without sea water, Lagoa de Óbidos loses oxygen and threatens multiple species.

A couple of bodyboarders knew what was about to happen and decided to test the temporary standing wave. Edgar Baptista and Tiago Henriques had the break just for themselves.

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Bodyboarding: the Nomad Big Wave Awards will honor the fearless | Photo: Specker

The Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) and Nomad have teamed up to announce the sport's inaugural Big Wave Awards.

The Nomad Big Wave Awards will reward the biggest and heaviest picture or video captured between May and October, 2015. The competition is open to everyone around the globe.

"Bodyboarders are known as big wave pioneers throughout the surfing community and it's great to finally have an award that's going to recognize that," notes Nick Chandler, chairman at ABA.

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