Jaws: bodyboarders get gnarly

You can't find many bodyboarders at Maui's Jaws. But when they paddle out, it's showtime.

Alan Lamphere, Damian Boone and Miles Kauhaahaa have had their share of stoke during the Bering Sea Superstorm that hit the Hawaiian Islands in early November.

The epic swell hit Peahi perfectly. Big wave surfers enjoyed their waves, and boogie boarders waited for their custom-made made rides. In other words, vertical lines and huge air drops.

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Sintra: a classic event in the pro bodyboarding circuit | Photo: Sintra Portugal Pro

The 2015 Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) has confirmed that the 2015 APB World Tour season will be run.

Worldwide bodyboarding fans may relax. Yes, there will a professional bodyboarding circuit traveling to some of the planet's best wave peaks. And yes, the APB World Tour insignia is alive and kicking.

"The 2015 APB Tour is shaping up to be an exciting year with new events, old events returning and a new category for Pro Junior," Alex Leon, general manager at APB, told SurferToday.com.

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Alex Odriozola: runner-up and winner of the best move | Photo: Eduardo Suárez

Alex Sebastian has emerged victorious in the Andrín Bodyboard Challenge 2014, held near Llanes, Spain.

The event had two entirely different stories. In the first day, waves were small and challenging; the second and final day brought vertical ramps and superb riding conditions.

The Spanish contest held in the Asturias region delivered performances at a very high level. Bodyboarders rapidly started pulling enormous backflips, vertical take-offs, quick barrels, inverted airs and giant El Rollos.

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