Gastão Entrudo: champagne, women and waves

Portuguese bodyboarder Gastão Entrudo has released "Addictions", a short film on waves, whiskey, women, poker and cigars.

There are many types of addictions. In a matter of time, you will be their hostage. In the end, if you lose, you got to get back to your roots, with an empty pocket.

Portugal has great bodyboarding waves. As Gastão Entrudo plays his playboy role in the movie, you discover multiple surf breaks along the coast.


Saving a man from drowning: we are all lifeguards

Two bodyboarders and lifeguards have rescued and saved the life of a distressed wave rider, in Cape Town, South Africa.

This story tells us that we're not superheroes, even if we consider ourselves good swimmers, surfers and bodyboarders. In the ocean, things can change dramatically, in less than 10 minutes.

The waves were pumping in one of many breaks around Cape Town. Suddenly, a bodyboarder loses his board after a wipeout. Fellow riders Aden Kleve and Wilder Schultz notice something wrong.


Mike Stewart: ready to roll at 51

Mike Stewart is a living legend. But that doesn't mean he isn't playing at the highest level. At 51, the Hawaiian waterman is still contributing to the evolution of professional bodyboarding.

Stewart is in shape. The way he positions himself on a bodyboard says it all. Lean, fast and competitive after nine world titles and multiple event victories.

"Mike Stewart: Mini Documentary", a short film by Kainoa Mattos, shows us the best bodyboarder of all time getting barreled at Pipeline, as if he was having a morning coffee.