Andrew Lester: barreled in Shark Island | Photo: APB/SIC

Andrew Lester has claimed the iconic Shark Island Challenge 2014, in Australia.

Pristine waves and sunny skies. The Shark Island Challenge 2014 got underway in perfect five-to-seven foot barrels pumping 100 metres off Cronulla Beach, New South Wales.

World-class bodyboarders had, once again, the opportunity to ride and taste the excruciating power of the "Surge" section of the reef. A Drop-Knee division has been added to the competition for the first time.

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Paddling for a wave: bodyboarders use arms, legs and fins | Photo: Creative Commons/Blas Brains

Bodyboarders use their arms, legs and fins to catch waves. Learn how to improve your bodyboard paddling and don't let those fast rollers slip away.

Unlike surfers, bodyboarders are able to combine the power of arms, legs and feet to paddle in salted water. But you have to do it rhythmically and in cooperative mode.

"When you're paddling through flat water, use your arms; when you're paddling through turbulent water use your legs, and when you need to get somewhere quickly, use both your arms and legs," explains Rob Barber, author of "The Bodyboard Manual."

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Stephen Du Preez: living in the barrel

Stephen Du Preez has been crowned the 2014 South African bodyboarding champion, at Port Alfred, in the Eastern Cape.

The South African Bodyboarding Championships were greeted by a significant swell for the finals day, with outer banks and reefs breaking in the eight-foot plus range and West Beach in the four-foot plus.

The Pro final had South Africa's best guns battling for the national title. Nik Martin and Bradley Moys gave all they had, but Du Preez and Iain Campbell would discuss the trophy between themselves.

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