Mark McCarthy: flying to victory at Yo-Yo's reef | Photo: KWCC

The one and only Mark McCarthy has been crowned king of the Kumba West Coast Classic 2015, held in warm offshore winds and perfect two-to-three foot waves at Yo-Yo's reef.

The tow-out final was tough as the wind started to come up. But Mark McCarthy and Sacha Specker wouldn't be slowed down, timing each was perfectly and flying higher and higher each time.

Both Dylan's were left playing catch-up for most of the heat. When the final buzzer went, Mark McCarthy came first, Sacha Specker second, Dylan van Tonder third and Dylan le Roux fourth.

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Tanner McDaniel: gainer power | Photo: Science Bodyboards

Tanner McDaniel has pulled a massive gainer flip at Rocky Point, on the Oahu's North Shore, Hawaii.

Mike Stewart's protegé is quietly improving his bodyboarding skills. The not-so-grom-anymore Tanner McDaniel prepares to conquer the world with his intelligent real-time wave analysis. And the nine-time world champion is impressed with what he sees.

"In what has to be one of the biggest gainers ever seen. Tanner McDaniel demonstrates what all the super grom hype is all about," wrote Mike Stewart.

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Drop Knee: Australia leads the way | Photo: Surfing Australia/Woolacott

The Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) is increasing the investment in the Drop-Knee (DK) discipline. The ABA Tour has announced changes in the DK contest format.

Drop-Knee fans and specialists have reasons to celebrate. The iconic "underground" bodyboarding discipline is rising from the ashes, with a revamped formula to be tested in Australian waters.

"We've been working with the newly-formed DK Advisory Group to create better quality comp formats that are more suited to DK," explains Nick Chandler, Chairman of the ABA.

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