Pablo and Lander: carpenters working, do not disturb

Lander Irazabalbeitia decided to ride a paipo board in the Mundaka left-handers.

The world is going retro, and paipo enthusiasts are out in the line-up. Paipo boards mark the beginning of modern surfing and bodyboarding.

But in the 21st century, we call them "experiences." Irazabalbeitia, a Basque bodyboarder, decided to rediscover the roots of wave riding and designed a beautiful paipo with the helping hand of shaper Pablo Argüelles.


APB World Tour: pro bodyboarders will crown a champion in 2014

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) has confirmed that Terry McKenna has returned to the organization as Chief Operating Officer.

The former IBA World Tour manager is back in the game. McKenna will join the APB World Tour, adding experience and his infectious enthusiasm to the competition. He's the new director of technical operations.

"Forget what's happened and focus on what's about to happen. Really looking forward to working with all the promoters and doing a few key events. It's an exciting time," says Terry McKenna, who left the former IBA World Tour unhappy with the way things were being done.


Shark bite: bronze whaler shark like bodyboarders

A 1.5-meter bronze whaler shark has attacked a bodyboarder, off Parsons Beach, near Adelaide, in South Australia.

Scott Berry was riding waves with a friend, at 9:45am, when the shark started circling and bit him on his torso. It all happened very fast.

"I was probably most afraid after it had actually got me once. It had me a little worried as to what's going to go on from here," explains Berry.