Bodyboard rails: a balance between control, speed and maneuverability

Rails are one of the most important features in a bodyboard. The side edges of a boogie board are responsible for steering your destiny on a wave.

Bodyboard shapers know how rails can make the difference in a bodyboard. Basically, there are two different types of rails: the 60/40 and the 50/50.

The numbers represent a rail/chine ratio. The 60/40 means that 40% is chine - the top part around the deck - and 60% is the lower proportion in direct contact with the wave.

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Maxime Castillo: hitting the lip at Figueira da Foz | Photo: Figueira Wave Experience

Maxime Castillo has taken out the Figueira EuroBodyboard 2014, in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

The second and penultimate stop on the European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) 2014 was run in four-to-six foot waves, at Cabedelo Beach.

Pierre-Louis Costes, who won the first stage in La Salie, finished the Portuguese leg in third position behind Miguel Adao, and ahead of Anas Haddar.

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Alexandra Rinder: the 2014 APB Women's World Tour champion | Photo: Science/DRM Fotografia

At only 16 years of age, Alexandra Rinder claimed the 2014 APB Women's World Tour. She is the youngest female champion in the history of professional bodyboarding.

The chapter ended in tears. Tears of joy. Despite being eliminated in the fourth round of the Sintra Portugal Pro, Rinder saw Isabela Sousa delivering her a maiden world title, with a victory in the final.

Alexandra immediately got emotional, and tried to hide her tear behind sunglasses. She hasn't reached the age of majority yet, but a steady and consistent performance in the 2014 APB Women's World Tour payed off.

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