The bodyboarders rage has led to this Facebook ad version

The Snickers ad featuring Mick Fanning is causing a massive world boycott campaign against the snack company.

A group of bodyboarders have joined forces and created a Facebook page where they express their anger towards the Australian surfer and Snickers.

"We shall not bend to the stand up surfing industry" and "Boogie board is within the essence of waveriding and we shall prove it" are some of their tough words.

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Andrew Lester: don't turn your back to the wave, dude

Today, after a near three year hiatus, International Bodyboarding has returned to Australian soil for the Soldiers Beach Pro Presented by Beachin-Surf.

With punchy waves in the 3 to 4 feet range (1.0 metre), it was the perfect return of competitive bodyboarding to Australia.

Amongst the many known bodyboarders in the competition, Cronulla's legendary Andrew Lester has made an impromptu return to the competitive scene.

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Ben Mackinnon: hmmm... tasty!

The SNZ Bodyboarding Nationals were run over Easter weekend on the 3rd April at Pines beach in Wainui, Gisbourne.

The forecast looked good for the first day of competition and in the morning of the first day of competition it didn't disappoint with clean, 2-3ft hollow peaks greeting competitors. This Nationals broke the mould with a solid turnout and the arrival of some great bodyboarders from the past.

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