West Coast Classic South Africa: perfection on Earth

Contestants woke to expectations of a clean swell with offshore winds and what we found on arrival at “Bones” was probably better than what most people would have imagined.

Super smooth 3-4ft lines peeled down the spongy reef at Bones. The waves were some of the best seen for a SABA event and seeing that it was the first event of its kind on the west coast, organisers couldn’t have asked for better.

With a looming 5m swell predicted on Monday and Sundays conditions looking a bit onshore, organisers used today’s conditions to run as much as the contest as possible.

Stand out riders from the Mens division were Dean Van Der Pool, Josh Kleve, Ruan de Bruin, Rupert La Grange.

Stephen Roos, Adam Morley, Bjorn Coetzee, Simon Heale, Darren Halse and Mark McCarthy opened up their attacks on fellow Pro division riders by winning their heats. Mark McCarthy looks the man to beat in the Pro division. He scored two 10 point rides in his Quarter and Semi final heat.

The Juniors was as usual a fierce affair between competitors and making it into the final day of competition is Storm Prestwich, Andrew Raath, Stephen Du Preez and Matt Fowle.

Lets hope for more of the west coast goodness tomorrow!

Zicatela Pro 2010: Dave Hubbard will remember this event for many years

The last day of competition was the most exciting day of all. The morning started with the DK semis with Dave Hubbard and Kim Feast, taking DUB the best out of it moving to the final.

In semi 2 Micah McMullin faced current world champ Cesar Bauer. McMullin had a strong start, unfortunately his board delaminated and had to go in and get a different board. Meanwhile Bauer took advantage and score a couple of good rides taking the heat and moving to the DK final vs. Dave Hubbard.

The female semis were nothing but pure adrenaline. Eunate Aguirre was up against Maira Viana. Maira and her powerful style was taking off on the big ones trying to roll on the most critical sections, unfortunately did not landed her moves leaving the door open for Eunate who was patiently waiting for the perfect ones and finding a clean barrel to roll to take the heat.

Then next semi was between Karla Costa and Ruth Parra from Venezuela. Parra was unable to find a good rhythm with the ocean and couldn’t get a good score. On the other hand Karla was hitting the lip with massive rollos and taking the heat with a comfortable lead.

The prone division was next. Magno Oliveira vs. Dave Hubbard. Oliveira had been in fine form during the whole comp but didn’t find the rhythm to get the huge scores. Dave was patiently waiting for the rights and got a spin to barrel to ars combo taking the first spot in the final.

Cesar Bauer vs. Hermano Castro was the 2nd semi. Bauer, also a DK finalist, had to be smart about using his energy and played safe waiting for the clean sets. A good right came his way and he busted a big invert. Hermano, waited and found the best waves of the whole heat, a sick left deep barrel coming out and hitting the last section with a roll to take the heat and move to the final.

The first final of the day was the DK final. Cesar Bauer came in, switched boards and went back out to face the wonder kid Dave Hubbard. It was as intense as we all expected. Bauer started strong finding a great rhythm in the firsts 10 minutes of the heat but Hubbard answered back with a nine pointer with a snap to barrel to floater.

Bauer immediately found a perfect right pulling in the tube and coming out of it, but was unable to finish his last move, a dk air reverse, getting an 8.5. It was really tight, but DUB took the win with a backside barrel to take hit first Puerto final.

The female final was next and all spectators could not get their eyes of the water. Every wave was so intense and cheered by the crowd as good as the world cup. Eunate Aguirre vs. Karla Costa Taylor. Eunate and her smooth riding style was leading the heat with a nice barrel to roll combo, but Karla answered back with a couple fo massive rollos.

Costa started to gain confidence and in the last few minutes, she was able to launch a massive ARS and getting the highest scoring wave of the whole competition, a perfect 10, and taking the big bucks back home.

The last and most exciting heat of the day was between Hermano Castro and Dave Hubbard. It was all about Dave since the beginning of the heat finding every wave and performing at his finest. With a couple of 9.6s’, a massive invert and an incredible barrel ride, Dave swept the Zicatela Pro winning both divisions, DK and Men’s Pro.

Congratulations to both Zicatela Pro 2010 Champions! Dave Hubbard and Karla Costa Taylor!

Zicatela Pro 2010: amazing how it pumps barrels

The quarterfinal action was very intense during the whole morning. The first heat of the morning was between Maira Viana and Luz Marie Grand. Luz Marie didn’t find the rhythm and ended up taking only one wave. On the other hand Maira was in full rhythm with the ocean and got a great barrel to roll and one of the biggest bombs of the day to take the heat and moving to the semi 1.

The next heat had the last Mexican in the competition. Local girl Sol Fernandez was up against the seeded number two, Eunate Aguirre. Fernandez started with a couple of low scores, but Eunate’s strategy was to wait for the biggest waves.

Aguirre found a perfect left and combined spinners on the outside and connected the reform all the way to the inside finishing with a clean stylish Rollo to win the heat. Eunate will face Maira in semifinal #1.

The third heat of the day saw seeded number one Maylla Venturim and the underdog Ruth Parra from Venezuela. Maylla was taking a lot of waves trying to get the best score, but Ruth was patiently waiting for the set and got a good right pulling a clean reverse and regaining speed to hit the lip with a strong Rollo winning the heat.

The last heat was the most exciting one with Karla Costa Taylor and Lumar Guittard. It was all about Karla since the beginning of the heat. Having a great rhythm, stayed in the right place to get the highest score of the event for the female division. A perfect deep and thick Puerto barrel that would give her a 9.8 in the first eight minutes. Lumar didn’t not find ay good waves and felt short giving the last spot in the semis to Karla who will face Ruth Parra in semi #2.

The DK division was also in action today and the local kid Jose Rutherford was up against former World Champ Dave Hubbard. Dave was feeling comfortable during the whole heat finding a great backside barrel ride and a sick floater to take the heat. In heat 2 the Aussie Kim Feast found a couple of barrels leaving Joe Grodzen behind.

The third heat was an exciting one. Manny Vargas vs. current world champ Cesar Bauer. Bauer took an early lead with a sick floater, but Manny answered back with a great barrel to snap. Unfortunately Vargas didn’t find another score leaving the door open for Bauer who seal the victory with a great ride. The last heat of the day was between Micah Mc Mullin and Ardiel Jimenez. Ardiel was leading the heat most of the time but McMullin got a clean right whacking it of the top and ending the wave with a sick floater to take the last spot in the DK semis.

All semifinals will be running tomorrow and of course the exciting finals in another epic day!