El Confital

Being here in Confital is like having tickets to "Rumble in the jungle"... You just know that some heavy hits will go down and history will be made!!

After 11 long months on the road the IBA World Tour is coming down to this.

Five contenders in the Mens bout and three in the Women.

In the red corner it's Neymara V Jessica V Eunate.

And in the white trunks it's Hubb V Hardy V Winny V Stewart V GT

Eight x 20 minutes rounds and then we get into the nitty gritty stuff.


Hugo Pinheiro

Hugo Pinheiro is the 2009 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB)champion.

It is the third time that the Portuguese bodyboarder from Costa da Caparica clinches the title.

The first ETB victory was conquered in 2003 and another one was achieved in 2004.

Pinheiro was crowned the Euro king in the Mohammedia event, in Morocco.

Marta Fernandes, also from Portugal, is the new queen of European bodyboarding.

Hugo Pinheiro is also competing in the 2009 IBA World Tour.


Sumol Special Edition in Nazaré

After 14 days of waiting, Praia do Norte didn’t disappoint the expectations of the one thousand plus spectators that went to the beach to watch the fourth edition of Sumol Nazaré Special Edition.

Mike Stewart was the big winner of this edition, in a podium where the international presences had eminence. The athlete was very “surprised, and, at the same time, happy for winning this contest in the first time competing”. The Brazilian José Otávio won the second place. “I’m very happy for the second place in a contest with such a high level”, he said. The third place was given to Jaime Jesus, considered the best Portuguese in the contest.

After some qualm of some athletes due to the initial sea prediction, the stormy waves of the day before were replaced by a sunny day that allowed an excellent show of air maneuvers, huge drops and even some impossible tubes.