2010 Peruvian Inka Challenge: DK riding

The Chilca beach turned it on for the first day of the Peruvian Inka Challenge 2010. The day was strictly a drop knee day where 3 rounds of DK riders where surfed.

The glassy waves, around 3 to 4 feet on the sets offered the ideal conditions to run the division. The surprises where the elimination of the current world champion Dave Hubbard to the Peruvian Cesar Bauer and to the Australian top DK rider Dave Winchester to the Canary Ardiel Jimenez.

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Peruvian Inka Challenge: South American dreams

After the Arica Chile Challenge, Peru is the next stop for the world class bodyboarders for the Peruvian Inka Challenge 2010. The event, in its second edition, has upgraded its status with a drop knee Grand Slam status.

This Tuesday was held the press conference in Lima with the presence of the top riders. The actual Peruvian champion Jeff Hubbard is excited towards the competition this year."

The wave is a pretty powerful beach break with lots of potential. All competitors are eagerly to show all their stuff after Arica. Everyone is ready to push the level of riding to the next level."

Jorge Hurtado the actual vice Peruvian Champion knows that he has the responsibility on his hands . "I'm training very hard since my second place last year and I know that the responsibility on me is even bigger this year."

The Peruvian Inka Challenge 2010 will start this Thursday at Chilca, in Pucusana around 1 hour from Lima.

BCS Watersports 2010: now includes bodyboarding

This was the first year BCS has recognised bodyboarding which, for the sport is a huge step and for college going bodyboarders, a brilliant opportunity.

The conditions on the day were clean although we could have done with a bit more power. Barrel rolls and spins were the order of the day and Truro College showed their intentions early with some tight combos making the most of the conditions.

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