2009 Viana Pro in Portugal 

The next event on the IBA World Men’s Tour gets underway in Portugal this Thursday, kicking off a 5 event European leg known as E5’09.

The Viana Pro will launch the richest leg of the IBA Tour in 2009 with over US$150,000 up for grabs.

The check in for the event will be held between 9am – 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 12th August) at the event site and riders are warned that a failure to notify officials or your intentions to compete will result in a loss of seeding position.

The city of Viana is a seaside holiday haven with a river running through the middle and a picturesque mountain range that meets the ocean. It’s a clean and well-planned city that is perfect for anyone wishing to come to Europe for a holiday.

The airport at Porto is state of the art and has flights that gone to most destinations world-wide.


23rd annual South African Bodyboarding Championships 

From the 27th September to 2nd October 2009 the Boland Bodyboarding Association will be hosting the 23rd annual South African Bodyboarding Championships. This year's event will take place on the stretch of coastline between Elands Bay and Lamberts Bay.

The decision to host the event on this particular part of the West Coast stemmed from the vast amount of quality breaks and excellent weather the area can produce. The area has also been part of the Boland locality since the establishment of this province and it was felt by the committee to put these fine locations of high quality waves into use to produce an epic result for the contest. 168 of the top competitors representing their 8 provinces will go head to head for victory in what promises to be a great event.

During the event a development clinic, sponsored by Kumba Iron Ore to the value of R80 000, will be taking place enabling South Africa's top riders to spot the talent amongst the eager youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is in accordance with SABA's development policy and two clinics, one already having taken place during July, and another in August, will be run prior to the contest. The Boland Bodyboarding Association together with The Sonsurf organisation, have been coaching local youth as to the basics of bodyboarding as well as the importance of ocean safety. This will ensure that the youngsters are able to compete in a semi final and then onto their own final where a winner will be crowned.

As a direct result of Kumba Iron Ore's contribution each child involved in this years SA Champs Kumba development programme will be given a full kit of bodyboarding gear including an essential wetsuit for the icy Atlantic, board and fins. The kit is theirs to keep and use during the planned schools league, which is being formed for inter-school competitions in the area. This will ensure that the grass roots are laid for the sport to grow healthily amongst the communities in the Elands Bay area.


The Bodyboard Expedition 

The Bodyboard Expedition is a new project created by pro bodyboarder Jacob Reeve and professional filmmaker James Prola.

The mission is to help raise the next generation of bodyboarders, promoting power, style, bravery, character and skill. We desire to advance the sport of bodyboarding by using the latest technology to host a new kind of video adventure competition which documents, showcases, compares and contrasts the next generation of bodyboarders in waves best suited for bodyboarding.

We travel with contestants to specific locations for an extended period of time. This allows each rider to perform to the fullest of their abilities, not bound by unreasonable time limits and bad conditions. We bring 3 videographers (instead of judges) to video every session. After each trip we edit and posts each rider's custom segment for public viewing and voting.

The Mexico contest has been our greatest adventure yet. It was held in Mainland for 15 days with 8 participants, 2 videographers, and 2 photographers. Jacob Reeve and Phil Harnsberger went head to head in the pro division, with Sundaran Gillespie, Chris Branscombe, Brad Mibas, Charles Marabella, Dillon Fowler, and Seaver Sizemore competing in the amateur division. Exploring the rugged coast line led us to several untouched waves and some interesting experiences.