Margate Beach: lovely

The stage is set and all the preparation is coming together for what looks to be the bodyboarding contest of the year. Agent 18 Wetsuits and South Coast Tourism has teamed up to be the anchor sponsors of this years' Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal SABA (South African Bodyboarding Association) event to be held at Margate Beach 1 - 2 May.

This will be the 2nd of 4 stops on the SABA circuit for those competitors in search of winning the converted SABA titles.

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WA Bodyboard Series: adrenaline time

The WA bodyboarding community is currently buzzing with anticipation for the opening event of the 2010 EBB WA State Bodyboard Series, which set to begin next weekend at the now world famous Mandurah Wedge.

It has been a long time between drinks since the IBA Australasia National Titles in Queensland last year, and WA’s best bodyboarders have been fine tuning their skills in hopes to qualify for the 2010 WA State Bodyboard Team which will travel back to D-Bah, Queensland in November.

The EBB WA State Bodyboard Series offers WA competitors a chance to compete in some of the best waves the state has to offer, whilst also mixing it up with some of the true professionals of the sport.

Mandurah Wedge is a high performance break that has been a mecca for many bodyboarders lately and will surely attract a stellar field of new and exciting entrants, keen to step up to the challenge that the ‘Medge’ so often offers.

After the huge success of the same event in 2009, which saw the likes of Ryan Hardy (Scarborough), Chad Jackson (Woodlands), Chris White (Scarborough) and Alex Halsey (Woodvale) all competing it was a great opportunity for WA bodyboarders to compete against some of the world’s best riders.

With a huge number of WA bodyboarders now competing at the highest level, this is chance for some emerging talent to forge a name for themselves at arguably one of the best bodyboarding waves in WA.

Some of the hot talent eager to be part of the action include Lewy Finnegan (Ocean Reef), Ben Vietch (Margaret River), Ryan Hands (Mandurah) Lee Szcepanski (Margaret River) and current U14 National Title holder Davis Blackwell (Mandurah), who will use his local knowledge in an attempt to secure back to back National Titles.

Although it has been a pretty wave starved couple of months in the Perth area, the outlook for next week is looking positive, and with this years series travelling to Mandurah, Scarborough and culminating with the EBB Pro in the South-West. Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks is excited about the prospects of the series for 2010.

“WA has been leading the charge in the sport lately and I think it’s important to reward the competitors with the best waves we can. We’d never run an event at the Wedge before 2009 and it was so good that we had to come back.” Said Majeks.

This year’s series will be the best to date with some new sponsors getting behind the event and pushing the future of bodyboarding in WA in the right direction.

“The response from the sponsors has been simply outstanding, we have more people onboard this year than ever before, which Im sure will make for some stoked kids come finals time.” He continued.

Mandurah Wedge and the surrounding breaks provide some of the most consistent and contestable waves in the whole metro area and with the sand moving in to position nicely at the Wedge, event officials are looking forward to an awesome opening round of competition.

Peru Inka Challenge: the show is about to begin

This adventure started a year ago when we had the 1st edition of the Peruvian Inka Challenge where Jeff Hubbard got the first PIC.

This year the official name is Peru Inka Challenge and its the 5th stop of the IBA World Tour.

This is going to be a sick year for the riders of all around the world, coming back to the Inka Land to get some crazy waves at Chilca Point, to know Cusco and Machu Picchu, and maybe ride some new spots for your Life profile, the essence of why we ride, being discoverers of new breaks, being part of a new life, having to eat great and different food, knowing some other people in another part of the world, a land conquered by someones half a thousand years ago.

The Inka Challenge is to go, to other parts of the world, and maybe also to other worlds, to experience a new ride in a different side, and be convinced, that we are not the only ones.

PIC facts:
In the 1st edition where more than 90 riders from all over the world.
7 World champions participated (King, Stewart, Player, Hubbard, Botha, Valadao and Dave Hubbard, DK Champion).
Peruvian local tv aired more than 3 hours PICs related footage(tv spots, interviews and notes).
8,000 people were in the spot along 4 days in winter time.
The event held 3 areas: judge, riders(VIP) and food court plus stands for 200 people.
Jeff Hubbard, from Hawaii, was the first PIC champion. Second place for peruvian bodyboarder Jorge Hurtado. Third place where for two canarian riders: Ardiel Jimenez and Oliver Herrera.