Bradley Moys 
It was a completely different story when the teams woke on day 2 of the Reef SA Champs.

The wind had dropped off completely, there was not a cloud in the sky and the swell had dropped slightly making the conditions a lot more contestable for all the competitors.

Elands Bay was again chosen as the venue for day 2. A very clean lined up 3-4ft swell was running down the point.

The Pro division was first up with morning glare to contend with. Stand-out riders were Jonothan Oliff (CKZN), Warren Canepa (EP), Duarte McClean (EP), Terence Pieters (CKZN), who is excelled in both the Pro and Junior divisions, and Vaughn Harris (BOL) who pulled a big backflip and duely received a big score.

In the Junior round 2 heats, Andrew Raath (WP), Iain Campbell (CKZN) and Bradley Moys (SKZN) where the riders to all score the highest scores in their respective heats.

Tristan Roberts (BOL) who is 12 years old, again rode the long lefts to perfection in his Boys heat, using the pocket of the wave to execute tight manoeuvres earning him another 300 score to go with his first one he scored in his round 1 heat. Other riders in Boys who received high scores were Steven Du Preez (CKZN), Dylan Bosch (EP), Niklas Martin (EP) and Michael Mynhardt (SKZN).

The contest day ended at 1pm and all the teams went off to Lamberts Bay main beach where the Kumba Iron Ore development clinic was to be held.

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Terence Pieters

As dawn broke on day one of the 2009 South African Bodyboarding Championships so did the swell. The forecast swell that was predicted had arrived in the early hours of the morning and the call was made to make use of the "mobile roaming venue format". All the provincial teams were to meet at Elands Bay parking lot for the start at 8:00am.

The swell was in the 2-5ft range with a hard and freezing offshore wind to wake all the contestants up.

First up were the DK rounds, the waves were good in offering all the contestants long running waves for them to string manoeuvre after manoeuvre bringing with them high scores. Riders who excelled were Sacha Specker(WP), Mark McCarthy (NKZN), Sean Tickner (WP) and Darren Halse (SKZN). A surprise knock-out was David Lee (SKZN) was was unable to advance to the Quarter Finals.

The first round of the Junior division was next and the incoming tide made the swell increase in size. The usual suspects were on form using every wave to the fullest. Standouts were Adam Waites (CKZN), Iain Campbell (CKZN), Terence Pieters (SKZN) and Storm Prestwich (SKZN).

Next up were the Boys. The wind was increasing in strength which made any aerial manoeuvre very difficult and would have to be perfectly timed. One rider who made sure of his timing was Tristan Roberts (BOL) who blasted a huge roll out of the pocket right in front of the judges earning himself the the heat winning score. Other heat winners were Robbie Waites (CKZN), Jason Fowler (WP), Steven Du Preez (CKZN) and Ethan Koopmans (WP).

The Mens Division had some very demanding surf conditions with closeouts coming through in every set. Riders who managed to make the most of the difficult condition were Wayne Beekman (SKZN), Jonathan De Lauwere (EP) and Murray Jones (EP).

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Ryan Hardy

Exclusively Bodyboarding (EBB) has announced its Dream Team for 2010.

The bodyboarders chosen by the Australian brand are:

Alex Bunting / male model or master chef  - Bunts, is a great bodyboarder.
Brad Hughes / engaged and red hot - simply the best big wave bodyboarder in the world right now.
Ryan Hardy / pipe 2009 perfection – the fire is burning still to stay the best.
Thomas Smith / black sheep – technically perfect but not in the norms of common style or equipment
Alex Halsey – Future Trading star and already earning his own sections on DVD’s.
Chase O'Leary – check latest movement for the proof
Lewy Finnegan –  young and gunning to be great

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