Bodyboarding Aruba

Bodyboarding Aruba and IBA International welcome all bodyboarders to the Tropical Island of Aruba for the first ever event, The Arubian Aruwak Pro 2010!

This event will be from the 15th to the 20th of June. The locals in Aruba are excited with this extraordinary event since bodyboarding is booming on the island and to see the world’s best rip in Arubian Waters will be amazing.

Aruba has its fair share of consistent waves like: Dos Playa, Andicuri, Wariruri, Urirama but the Arubian Aruwak Pro 2010 will be held at Aruba’s Launching Machine Shark Bay!

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UK Bodyboarding

The British Bodyboard Club are set to launch a tour of 4 events to decide the 2010 Open Champion it was announced today.

Chairman Rich Hall said “the concept of deciding the British Champion via a series of events rather than a single one has been in discussion for some time”.

He continued “the BSA has given us the freedom to explore the options and are quite happy to support us in this; so we’re going to progress the idea this year”.

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Girls Go Bodyboarding day

The inaugural SDS/Milkshakes Girls Go Bodyboarding Day went off!

On Saturday 16th Jan, a cool little crew of girls turned up to experience bodyboarding at North Cronulla. It was awesome to see a mixed age group; from super groms to super mums, there to join in the fun.

NSW Bodyboarding head coach - Brendan “Barney” Ryan, skillfully introduced the girls to bodyboarding, with Emma Roby giving some extra tips on advanced bodyboarding to the more experienced riders.

On hand to help was Milkshakes team riders; Kaitlin Murphy, Emma Roby, and myself, as well as Milkshakes web designer and 2009 Aussie Tour champ - Nicole “Tassie” Fleming. The four of us headed out for a quick demo surf to show the girls a few bodyboarding tricks; rolls, spins, and even some DK mixed in. Good times.

Soon the rest of the girls joined us in the fun 2-3ft surf. It was awesome to see a few of the WBA girls also show up for the free surf – Kerry, Rani, Zoe, Julia, and Laura - thanks for showing your support!

Super groms Abbey and Sam (of Cronulla) were charging and loving the waves so much,we eventually had to drag them back in to the beach.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with some girls catching their first ever waves! The girls returned to shore with huge smiles on their faces, loads of sand in their hair, and each person taking away a special experience from the lesson.

Back at the surf club, a bunch of prizes were handed out, including free SDS girls rash shirts and 15% off discount at SDS, Milkshakes leashes, Hive swimwear vouchers, and a Milkshakes “Bubblegum” Flavours board - valued at $240 -which was taken home by Abbey Pugh!