Guilherme Tâmega: fast and furious | Photo: IBA/Specker

Guilherme Tâmega has announced his retirement from the professional bodyboarding world tour.

He's one of the legends of the sport. For more than two decades, Tâmega competed at the world's most challenging events. He won six world titles and inspired riders, not only from Brazil, but from all corners of the globe. Now, he is ready to hang his fins.

"I do not plan to compete in the tour. Today, I've got my own bodyboard brand, and I am fully dedicated to it. I draw the lines, but I don't shape them. If I'm not in it to win, it doesn't matter. My biggest dream now is to watch my kids, and my brand do good," Tâmega told Globo Esporte.

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Ryan Hardy: still stoked after all these years | Photo: Surfing Australia

Ryan Hardy has conquered the Good Earth Mandurah Pro 2015, at The Wedge, in Australia.

The experienced bodyboarder had an extraordinary week. After taking over Reeflex Wetsuits, Hardy went on to claim the first event of the 2015 Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) Tour.

"Super amped to take the win at the Good Earth Mandurah Pro on the weekend. Props to my Reeflex Wetsuits team riders who ripped it apart and placed well over the weekend as well," expressed Ryan Hardy.

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Ryan Hardy: charger | Photo: IBA World Tour

Ryan Hardy has taken over Reeflex Wetsuits.

Australian pro bodyboarder and surf coach, Ryan Hardy is now the managing director of the bodyboarding wetsuit company Reeflex. He bought the firm from John Barker.

"Super amped to have joined the list of legend bodyboarders like Mike Stewart, Mitch Rawlins and Dave Hubbard that have owned their own bodyboarding brand. Bodyboarding is our way of life," announced Hardy.

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