IBA World Tour

Under a new agreement made by the IBA riders board, competitors of the 2009 Shark Island Challenge are set to have their ban lifted from all IBA sanctioned events for the 2010 calendar year.

The new ruling which comes into effect as of 1st January was decided upon at a recent meeting during the final leg of the 2009 IBA world tour.

“We are hopeful that we never have to do this again” said Terry McKenna, IBA General manager, “But we did need to prove to the world that the IBA is a serious organization that will defend its rights when needed”.

The ban which was initially set at 12 months arose when an agreement could not be made between the organisers of the 2009 Shark Island Challenge and the IBA. “We are hopeful that the SIC event will apply for special event status, just like Nazare Special edition, and we can work to promote the event to a worldwide audience” stated Terry McKenna on the future of the Shark Island Challenge as a possible IBA event.

Individuals who received the ban will be free to surf on the 2010 IBA World Tour as of January 1st 2010.

The Ivan Friedman Memorial

The Ivan Friedman Memorial contest took place at Durban's North Beach this past weekend. South Africa's top Bodyboarders traveled from all over the Kwa Zulu Natal coastline, in order to fight it out for bragging rights of being "KZN Champ", as well as some awesome prizes.

All funds raised for the event were donated to the CANSA association of South Africa. They will use the money to educate and raise awareness to others about the causes and effects of cancer.

Factory 7 supplied some awesome prizes for the five divisions that made up the event and Jared Schafer from Umhlanga managed to supply excited event finalists with copies of the South African Bodyboarding production, Pull the Plug 2.

We also received vouchers from Surf HQ and shirts from Keiki Bodyboarding. Most of all we would like to thank Charles from ASSESEAL for the money sponsor which went to CANSA Association.

The competition was held at the left-hand side of North Beach, otherwise known as 'Far-bowl', in glassy two to three foot surf. These conditions suited the Junior (under 18) and Boys (under 13) divisions and kept spectators eyes on the water every time a wave rolled in.

Members from the CANSA association brought in Dermatologists that offered competitors and spectators advice on skin treatment, as well as enforcing the law when it came to sun screen application throughout the day.

Results from the Day

1. Michael Ostler
2. Darren Halse
3. Stuart Bradford
4. Iain Campbell

1. Aggie Kruger
2. Candice Wharren
3. Robyn Reid

1. Wayne Du Preez
2. Ryan Pape
3. Billy Tennant
4. Rayner Venter

1. Iain Campbell
2. Nico Muller
3. Stuart Bradford
4. Wayne Du Preez

1. Adam Waites
2. Iain Campbell
3. Jaryd Visick
4. Robbie Waites

1. Robbie Waites
2. Matthew Plumstead
3. Nkhosinathi Shadu
4. Tyler Vorster
5. Steven Waites

Damian King

World top bodyboarder Damian King has signed a three year deal with Turbo Bodyboards, a company from Port Macquarie, King's hometown.

In his blog, the Australian athlete says that «what has impressed me the most about Turbo, and one of the key reasons why I am excited by the change, is Turbo is an ethical brand with good morals. Even at a local level I have watched Turbo get behind our local club and show support to the younger generation and amateur competitors. I am a passionate person and this now translates into the board company I ride for. These ethics are important to me, and something I feel was lacking with my previous sponsor».

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