WBA - Womens Bodyboarding Association 

This Saturday, the 9th April, the Milkshakes Womens Bodyboarding Association  (WBA) will be holding an event at Whaley Beach, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Girls and ladies of all ages and abilities are encouraged to come along to the event.

There’s awesome prizes to be won from WBA sponsors - Hive swimwear, Milkshakes bodyboards, Hooda custom designed Hoodies, and BSC Bodyboarders Surf Co.

And for some added fun, we have created a theme for this event, which is tight and bright! We are encouraging everyone to come along dressed in their tighest and brightest fluoro 80's clothing and wetsuits!

We will be having a beach BBQ, and music playing. So everyone is welcome to come along and watch, or join in!

This event was scheduled for Anzac Day 25th April, but had to be cancelled due to the large East swell that hit Sydney's Northern Beaches. This saturday there is another swell forecast, but not as large, and from a better southerly direction. With clear skies and offshore winds predicted, saturday is looking to be an awesome day!

The WBA is a non-profit organisation that holds fun club competitions all over NSW, with beginners to advanced divisions, to cater for girls of all abilities. There are currently around 25 members of the club.

Northern Beaches locals and IBA Australasian Tour competitors Mandy Zieren, Zoe Edwards, Julia Heasman and Sylve Colless have all confirmed they will be coming along to the event on Saturday. Along with many other girls, including elite Australian bodyboarders Lilly Pollard, Emma Roby, Kaitlin Murphy, Emma Cobb, and Nicole Fleming.

All the girls will be on hand to give helpful bodyboarding tips.

Memberships start from $15 for social members, and $50 for competitors.

Any girls interested in joining us at Whaley Beach, please meet us at the Whaley beach carpark at 7.30am. If it appears the swell is too big, we will move the event north to Palm Beach.

The next planned event for WBA will be held at Sundowner Tiona on NSW's mid North Coast on 1st-2nd August.

Guilherme Tâmega 

The final day of Cobra D’Água Bodyboarding Show Bahia 2009 took place in better conditions than yesterday, but the wind and rain made life difficult for the riders. The waves were bigger than yesterday (3-4 ft) and the crowd filled Armação Beach.

Guilherme Tâmega and Eunate Aguirre won the event and now both are leading the IBA World Ranking. Guilherme defeated Eder Luciano from Brazil while Eunate defeated Mayllae Venturin.

The day started with the Men's quarter finals and the heats were amazing. Uri Valadão and Eder Luciano had a great fight on water and in the end Eder found a good wave to turn on the heat and make it into semifinal.

After the girls surfed the semifinals to decide the finalists on event. In first semi Eunate defeated Jéssica Bekcer and in second Neymara Carvalho lost to Maylla Venturin.

In the mens semifinals Guilherme won against Fabio Rodrigues and Eder Luciano had a great performance to beat Luis Villar.

Eunate and Maylla made the final on Armação Beach. Eunate, the new leader of IBA World Circuit, got two good waves and Maylla didn’t found a second wave. “I’m so happy, it’s impossible describe what I’m feeling right now. I know that there are more events but now I want celebrate my victory”, said Eunate

The last heat of event was the most incredible. Guilherme Tâmega had announced his retirement a couple of weeks ago got a 10 after a perfect barrel in difficult conditions. Also, Tâmema made the highest score on event, 16.50, and was crowned the great champion.

“This is incredible to win in my country. Definitely I won’t stop, I’ll go to Arica. I’m so happy to win here, this is a great day. When I saw that wave I knew that something good was happening”, said the current #1.


Ira Rodrigues in the 2009 Cobra D'Água Bodyboarding Show 

On Friday the conditions were worst than previous days due to the strong onshore wind that blowing during the entire day in Armação Beach. The waves were smaller than yesterday and the riders found conditions to be difficult.

Once more the Brazilians dominated the event and will fill the majority in females quarterfinals and round 4 (Top 16) on males event.

The day started with the round 16 of WWT and the leaders of IBA World Tour won their heats. Eunate Aguirre and Neymara Carvalho are leading the girls with great performances.

Zulu Martinez, from Brazil, was the best rider today. He won a great heat and got a 9,5 after a good right that ended with a backflip. “I’m so happy to keep pushing hard and win heats here. Now I’ll meet the top 16 and I’m prepared”, said Zulu.

Mike Stewart arrived in Salvador today and the Brazilians supporters gathered at Armação Beach to meet their idol. Mike talked with a lot of fans and after the 9 x world champion answered a lot of questions from Brazilian Press, in a huge conference.

Tomorrow the Hawaiian will debute in the event in round 4 with the other top 16 seeds. The organizers are expecting better waves for this Saturday and a huge crowd will be on hand to see the worlds best in action.

A call will happen at 7:30 (local time) and the contest should start at 8 AM. The schedule for tomorrow is: Round 4 (Men), Women Quarter final, and Round 5 (Men).