Flavio Brito

Day two at the famed right hand point break of El Confital saw a drop in swell and some of the competitors were challenged with inconsistent 2 footers.

It’s basically a mid-high-mid tide break but today the lack of swell was the problem.

Alvaro Padron was again one of the most outstanding riders of the day and despite his lower ranking on the IBA World tour, he is smashing his way through the qualifying rounds and towards another final.

“ The conditions are really hard out there with few good waves”, said Padron.

“You need to be patience and wait for a good one”.

Another star performer was local rider Guillhermo Cobo.

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IBA World Tour at El Confital

Around 180 of the worlds best bodyboarders have assembled in the Canary Islands for the last event on the IBA World Tour.

This will be the conclusion of an amazing year for the IBA with around 16 events in 10 countries around the globe.

General manager of the IBA (International Bodyboard Association) Terry McKenna said he was very excited about this year and the last event of 2009.

“This year has been amazing for the IBA. In a world economy that was grinding to a hault, we managed to expand the tour to a whole new level. The sport is booming worldwide and the future looks bright for this amazing sport” said Mckenna.

“The event that is on now at Confital could be described as the biggest event in the sports history. Whilst Pipeline (Hawaii) has the best wave, this event has the structure and the presentation that lifts it above all others”.

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Top IBA World Tour bodybaorders get ready for the final round at El Confital

History was made today when the IBA showcased its own rich roots with a presentation of the former and current world champions to a packed media gallery in Gran Canaria.

Mike Stewart, Jeff Hubbard, Guilherme Tamega, Uri Valadao, Damian King, Ben Player, Karla Costa Taylor, Neymara Carvalho & Marina Taylor were proudly introduced to the media as the final event on the IBA World Tour gets underway at Confital.

The local government, Dept of Tourism and many other sectors came together to make this event possible and they were all represented today.

"The artwork looks like a Boxing poster" said IBA General Manager Terry McKenna.

" And if this was a boxing match, it would be the equivalent to a heavy weight match between Hollyfield and Tyson".

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