Parguitos Beach

Parguitos beach, Isla de Margarita, will receive the best women bodyboarders for the Bodyboarding Pro Festival.

The competition will take place from October 22nd to 25th and will distribute 1000 IBA points for the woman world tour.

Neymara Carvalho, current world leader, is chasing here 5th world title but right behind here is the Spanish Eunate Aguirre and Brazilian Jessica Becker.  All 3 competitors are on the race for the 2009 IBA world title.
Besides the girls disputes will take place on the men and drop knee divisions (this counting for the IBA world Drop knee tour).
Top 10 WWT
1. Neymara Carvalho – Brazil 5240
2. Eunate Aguirre – Spain 5225
3. Jessica Becker – Brazil 5015
4. Luz Marie Grand – Porto Rico 4385
5. Isabella Souza – Brazil 4350
6. Catarina Souza – Portugal  4190
7. Rita Pires – Portugal 3965
8. Natasha Sagardia – Porto Rico 3495
9. Lumar Guittard – Venezuela 3055
10. Izamar Vivas – Venezuela 2850

The event will also host the DKWT (Drop-Knee) event and some of the worlds best on the knee will be going hard to secure a potential world Title.

Nomad Shark Island Challenge DVD

The Nomad Shark Island Challenge is one the most prestigious bodyboard events on the planet.

20 incredible bodyboarders take on Australia’s original wave of consequence to compete in a “winner takes all” shoot out for the $10,000.00 1st prize purse.

This years event was documented in High Definition Widescreen Format for optimum image quality and covered by 6 cameras capturing exclusive angles from boat, water and land covering every wave of the event, as well as rider interviews and access to the presentation night making for the complete 2009 Nomad Shark Island Challenge experience.

Featured riders include Ewan Donnachie, Christian Riguccini, Alex Bunting, Jose Marquina, Doug Showell, Josh Pollard, Brendan Ryan, Shaun Peterson, Dave Ballard, Nick Ormerod, Adam Luehman, Glen Thurston, Ben Sawyer, Alex Leon, Glen Sullivan, Jason Finlay, Jared Houston, Chris James, Kira Llewellyn, and Mike Murphy.

Bodyboard training

The 2009 SEP camp is fast approaching (November 3rd-6th) and if you are interested in taking your riding to the next level then this is for you.

Its an intensive 4 day live in camp that focuses on all aspects of elite competition including fitness testing and instruction, Heat drills and competition tactics, sports phyc sessions that train you how to think in competition.

Pool/Beach sessions with Ocen coach Trevor Hendy. All in amazing accommodation with meals provided. Cost is $775 with all training, food and accom included.

The final selection for the 2009 SEP camp scholarships has been made. Nicole Fleming (TAS), Thorpe Waluew (Qld) Josh Garner (WA), Chase O’Leary (NSW) and Charlie Holt (NSW) will all have their all expenses paid for by the Australian Sports commission and Surfing Australia.